Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Family time

Our two sons have been visiting the last couple of days, so not a lot of sewing has been happening. I did get to spend some time at Ocean Grove with Son #2 and his girlfriend, which was a bit of a disaster as Steph lost her glasses in the water and we could not find them, then two small but far reaching waves came in and wet clothes, towels, books, everything...one of Steph's shoes went out in the water, luckily we were able to catch it!! No dull moments for us! we did finish off thge outing with coffee and cake at the Dunes
I didn't take my camera, probably a good move in hind sight so I have pinched this photo from Mr Google!! We were sitting - in all out wet finery!!- at the second table from the window where the small child is standing. The view and the sun was just the best.
I did just a little sewing, Adam said the weighted blanket I made here is being used at the school Adam works at by a young student who has trouble sitting and making eye contact. he has the blanket in the class with him and his behaviour has improved out of sight!! Great news!! Now more blankets are needed. Not every child is going to get one, but we did talk about making a scarf type blanket as that might help children too
of course the photo is one tablet so I will put it up later.

One weighted scarf. 😀

saying goodbye to Adam this morning

 the Supervisor had to get in on the act too , he is family after all!!
Yesterday I made some toilet cleaner bombs with washing soda, liquid soap and citric acid....I left them out over night and they were a bit sticky and when I tried one out it didn't do much, so I mixed up some more today and after they have hardened I will try one and put the rest in a jar. Hopefully it will work.

attempt one!

Shane and Steph, the posed photo

and one I sneaked when they weren't watching!!
This afternoon I took Shane and Steph to the train and then did some messages in Geelong, then had a walk along Eastern Beach, there was a cruise ship parked out from the pier.

It was a beautiful day to be out and about. I picked up Chinese for hubby for dinner so that is an easy meal to prepare!! lol!! 
As I sit at the computer there is a beautiful sunset outside, is coming earlier now that daylight savings have finished. 
Happy sewing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue so glad the weighted blanket was a success.
How lovely to have the boys up and what a view you had for your walk.

Leeanne said...

Nice to have time with your boys. Cute 'beach babes'. So did you blow up your toilet with those bombs??

Moose-ings said...

The supervisor looks pretty chirpy! I love stopping at the 'Dunes' for a cuppa!

Chookyblue...... said...

To oh deserved food at the Cafe after the beach disaster...... How did you weigh the blanket down.....

Raewyn said...

Gosh I missed the weighted blanket post - what a great idea - good luck with the scarf sewing, I hope they do the trick as well. I hope your second set of bombs work :-) And wonderful to be have had some lovely family time - sounds like it was full of adventures!!

Fiona said...

lovely family pics and a fun outing if not one with a loss of glasses... I hope they weren't prescription reading ones? Be interesting to hear how your toilet bombs go. and great to hear about the success of the weighted blanket...


Michelle Ridgway said...

Shame about the glasses! Lots of lovely family time including Supervisor lol!