Monday, May 8, 2017


have been going past us all afternoon, a distraction from sewing!!
this one was just over the road but I was too slow to get to the pot of gold!!

There have been lots of beautiful rainbows , sadly they do not show up as well in a photo

Mmmmm, sprung trying to take a photo!!! That is the what are you doing look!!

This afternoon I finished off the insert for the weighted is a bit small...but heavy, I filled the sections with plastic pellets used for bear making, then had to carefully sew, not sewing any stray pellets. 


back...I need to get a regular insert I think to puff it our a bit more and make it more cushion like. Might have a play with some polyester wadding and see what I can do.
Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

What beautiful rainbows!

Raewyn said...

I love a good rainbow too - a nice distraction to have :-) The weighted cushion is going to be a real winner, hope you come up with an idea to make it more cushion like...maybe wrapping the weighted bit in batting?

Julie said...

Gorgeous photos Sue ... I have never quite found that pot of gold yet either :-) I agree with Raewyn, I think wrapping the weighted bit in some thickish wadding might do the trick.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful rainbows. Certainly getting the once over by the Supervisor there lol! Love that look on his face. The weighted cushion will be extremely helpful. Well done you xx

I am said...

Good morning Sue,love the rainbow pics and how cute does Tupai look.
Well done with the weighted cushion.xx

Fiona said...

Supervisor looks as though he is thinking "what do you think you are doing - get back to work!".... the weighted pillow looks good.... well done


Ondrea said...

LOL that cushion makes me smile. I looove minions. I also love rainbows . I wonder if we had one today. Haven't looked outside except for when I hung towels on the line.

Anthea said...

Lucky you Sue, to see so many rainbows! Does that mean you've had rain?