Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Busy noisy day

Today I awoke to the sound of chain saws and heavy trucks. One house to the right the house has been demolished and a new one is going up, just preparations for the foundations at present
And one house to the left major tree lopping has been happening all day, they a big trees and lots of galahs nest in them, so there will be homeless birds tonight.
I was out for most of the day so missed a lot of the noise, but heard a huge tree drop just after I got home. Today was sewing at Seachange, then I went into Geelong to do some messages and get the back tyre of my bike fixed. I was quite chuffed that I got the bike in and out of the car by myself!!! Yay me!!
Another KOGO blanket was finished last night and is ready for delivery

I just did a little hand sewing today but yesterday was working on two laundry bags for Aussie Heros
The photo does not show the detail but it has letters sewn on for HMAS Darwin

This one is made from,  a T towel I found at an op shop in Boronia, they fundraise for the Veterans, thought this one was good with the poppies.
Well dinner is done and I am off to blob on the couch.
Happy sewing.


Jo said...

I'm doing a couple too. How did you do the writing. Does your machine embroider.

Anthea said...

The poor birds, losing their nesting place, I hope they find somewhere else nearby really soon.

Pamela said...

What a busy day! You accomplished a lot.

I am said...

Good morning Sue oh dear just as well you were out most of the day as the noise all day might've been too much. Love the poppy teatowel and think its a great idea to make a luandry bag with it xx

Ondrea said...

More beautiful finishes. Careful lifting the bike, you might get a hernia !! I sympathise with the noise you are experiencing. WE have it relentlessly as many places are being built, demolished or gutted and renovated. This has been happening for years since the built the Marina. When one place is almost finished another place is being done. Grrrrrrr.

Raewyn said...

Glad you weren't home all day to hear all the noise but I suspect that if a house is being demolished and another one going up, there may be more noisy days to come?! I hope the displaced wildlife find a new home really quickly too - winter is not a good time to be homeless! Well done on the KOGO blanket and the Heroes sewing - you set a speedy pace!

newsurfiegirl said...

The Poopies are just beautiful and what a perfect use for them!