Friday, August 25, 2017

Back home again

This has been a  busy week, Wednesday I headed up to Gisborne for a hairdressing appt and an afternoon of stitching and chatting at Donna's in her studio
In the evening when we went back to the house some locals had come for a visit

they were not bothered by us having a look at them, 

they are all regulars at Donna's.
Thursday I wandered back home and did some geocaching on the way
I discovered that Houdini flew a plane he had brought from France with him while on an entertainment tour, in Diggers Rest! The things you discover while out geocaching!!

It was a beautiful late morning

lots of cloud coming in though.
When I arrived home I found some happy mail that brought a BIG smile to my face!

A pattern from Susan at Thimble Stitch, her first! Love her Doing the Rounds quilt. You can buy this pattern from Susan.

and a beautiful fat quarter from Michelle, wonderful Aboriginal fabric, posted from Humpty Doo!! What a great place name! Thank you Michelle I love it!

Today I have been into Geelong to a birthday lunch for Linda, for her three score and ten birthday. It was at La Vista Italian restaurant, we had a wonderful meal and good time.
On the way home I looked for one geocache, it said in the note to beware of the cache guardian

I understand why now!!
Some stitching has been happening
I have one legless lady to fix up

and one armless maid!! Lucky I saw them now!
I am off to do some secret sewing.

Happy sewing and happy weekend.


Jo said...

Oops. 2 armless maids. One holding the bucket and the other hold the cow. Lucky to fix them now. Lots of good work done though.. relax now..

Moose-ings said...

Eeew, not a nice Cache guardian! I would have jumped! Glad our wild pets came to say hello to you.

Helen said...

Lucky to find and fix the hiccups at this stage. Lovely projects.

Chookyblue...... said...

Sounds like you're having a great time getting about....... Love the clouds.....

Julie said...

You sure have packed alot into your week Sue. I love the new pattern & lovely fabric from Michelle on her travels around your beautiful country. That guardian of the geocache would've certainly put me off!!! Happy Weekend to you Sue.

Fiona said...

lots of getting out and about and wonderful mail.... new hairdo's and finding creatures in tins....

Ondrea said...

OMG!!!! That Owlery sign is awesome!!!! Your other pics aren't bad either LOL. EEk, I think I would have leapt back rather promptly after opening that geocache!!! Love your new pattern and that Aboriginal fabric is lovely.

Pamela said...

You are so busy. Great pictures!

Kaylee said...

Such a wonderful sight, all those Kangaroos.... Just FYI there is a park down at Redcliffe (near Brisbane) called "Humpybong Park" and there's a Humpybong School as well..... The name always put a smile on my face when we drove past.