Friday, August 11, 2017

Siem Reap and temples photo heavy once again

This afternoon we have had our first visit to the temple area of Angkor Wat.
Bayon Temple

Most amazing  place

a change in the weather might be coming!

so many amazing statues that are nearly 1000 years old.

and carvings

the temples were made and then the faces carved

some have survived better than others.

Then we headed off to Ta Prohm temple
this place has many trees taking over the ruins

this temple is being restored

and here we go into Ta Prohm, past the sellers....

the jungle is really claiming this one back

amazing huge tree roots are everywhere

such an amazing place.
More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Unimaginable to think of those trees taking over that way. It looks as if one day there won't be much other than a pile of stones. Thanks for sharing.

newsurfiegirl said...

What an amazing place. It made me think of the Jungle book.