Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Retreat day 2

Today I have spent most of the day wrestling with the bag I am making, some of the seams are so thick I had to put the machine on to free motion and drag the fabric through. .not good for the machine I am sure!!
I need to  put binding on the raw seams, but it will have to be hand sewn on, there is no way I can get it back into the machine.
Today Carleen and I started the day with some geocaching, we found two in Gisborne
This was the view over the town from the second cache site.

My wonky houses are finished and joined together.

Tracy has been working on a little quilt this afternoon.

Here is the room we are in and everyone working away.
Barbs bag is still being made
Maxine is getting her binding on
Love how Maxine has used the selvedge pieces.
Am off now to try and out a facing on the door mini quilt.
Happy sewing.


Raewyn said...

It looks like a brilliant place Sue - so much light and space and in lovely surroundings. Hope your machine survives the bag - you may need a new needle after wrestling with that one! Nice to see what else is going on too - you are right, those selvedges look great on Maxine's bag.

Jo said...

What a lovely view. Your bag is coming together. You're nearly there. The bag is worth it though. I use mine all the time.

Julie said...

Great retreat Sue ... you are certainly making good progress. What a lovely room for you all to work in .. light & spacious.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a lovely light room for you all! Gorgeous view too from your cache! Keep on with that bag....it’s all coming together!

Leeanne said...

so no "headache" box required afterall. Well done. The selvedge bag is cool, I bet that was thick.

Fiona said...

lovely to see the projects...

KaHolly said...

I'll just bet the struggle is worth it in the end! Such pretty country surrounding you, and what a nice work space! I've been saving a few more interesting seledges, but haven't done anything with them, yet. I love her bag!