Wednesday, November 1, 2017

And so it continues

More birthday goodies arrived today from Robyn...we had been worries as Robyn had posted the envelope on the 19th Oct and it took until today to get here. But for me it was well worth the wait. Robyn had made a beautiful sewing kit,
Here it is all folded up

And opened out, look at all those pockets for embroidery threads and beautiful zippered pockets each ends

And it came with a beautiful card from Michelle, love that sleepy koala.
Thank you Robyn, I will treasure it.
The play quilt is finished and ready to go to it's new home
And it is cuddly to lie on...I tried it out!! 😀😀
The kookaburras have whites in their eyes
Just need to write on the label and write a letter to go with it and it will be in the mail. Way ahead of the Nov 13th deadline so I am happy.
This afternoon I have been playing with paints

And working on the Christmas blocks, I had a heart stopping moment when I knocked one of the containers over.....but luckily I didn't spill to much and even luckier the paint didn't stain the table!! Phew!!
Time now to get some dinner sorted.
Happy sewing.


Robyn Pidgeon said...

Phew... soooo glad your birthday gift arrived safe and sound... I had fun making it... and phew about he paint...

Fiona said...

lovely gift from Robyn and such fun different projects you are doing..... there is a reason I don't play with paint - I would definitely have spoilt on the work... and the table... and the floor.... and myself.....


Julie said...

Your sewing kit is gorgeous Sue. Your Aussie Hero quilt looks amazing, as always. Gosh I can imagine your sigh of relief that the paint didn't go on the fabric!!

Pamela said...

Wonderful quilts and such a nice gift!

Lin said...

What a gorgeous - and very practical - gift. xx

Ondrea said...

Lots of crafty things happening over yonder. I so love your kookas and that play mat is perfect. ( I think I will find a similar panel for my munchkin to play with his cars on when he is old enough). Great idea!