Monday, November 27, 2017

Back again (super photo heavy)

I have had a couple of busy days, but before the business happened I managed to sew some rows of the lattice quilt together
and was happy with my progress until I realised I had four yellow blocks in a row!!Woops!

So some serious unsewing had to happen, and of course it was on the longest row!! Not much has happened since then, the unsewing is all done, some pinning together has happened, the sewing is yet to be done. Will have to be done soon, hubby is making noises about the mess on the dining table!! :-)
Sunday I went into Geelong to do duty at the Guild Exhibition

it was raining when I went in...but I had a quick look at some of the classic cars that were on display along the waterfront
The Xmas tree is out on the water once again
at night it has coloured lights and music

a nearby pigeon kept an eye on me

I didn't know Geelong was a peace city! You learn something everyday.

this picture was next to the sign above. I thought it was beautiful. Reminds me of a paua shell.
One of the Guild members had some of her antique quilts on show 

love the butterfly

This is about the quilt below

shame it was in an op shop. But it has a loving home now.

the lady who owns these has bought them on her trips back to the US to visit family. She has a wonderful collection.

my dolls coverlet in the challenge section.

This amazing quilt is made from second hand shirts and knowing the maker it was probably all sewed by hand. Love it!
On my way back to the car, the sun had come out, the humidity was high, but I got to see some more of the cars on display

love this blue one!


I was really taken with this Mini...I have not seen one this small before...only had two seats! How cute is that? JUst around the corner I could hear motor bikes, so went to have a look and there were two old Indian motorbikes doing a time trial, they sure made a noise when the riders opened up the throttle! Does anyone remember the Fastest Indian movie? I enjoyed that one.
I had better go and visit the sewing machine.
Happy sewing.


Diane-crewe said...

Thanks for the pictures.. esp. the ones where the sun is shinning x Such a shame you had to undo the sewing you had finished ... NO fun x

Moose-ings said...

Thanks for showing us some of the quilts at the guild show. Sadly, wasn't able to attend this time. Oh I love the old cars! It would be so much fun swanning around in one of these. Can't wait to see that new quilt of yours, looks tricky.

Julie said...

Gorgeous Sue!! Love that tree on the water & it would look amazing at night. Those quilts from that ladies collection were amazing. I would love to own an antique quilt. Your dolls coverlet is very cute. I have had the classic cars to my garden before when they were doing a mystery ramble. They are fun to look at & admire (& photograph). Hope your Mum is doing better now Sue.

Fiona said...

What a lovely day..... something about old cars and of course I would have loved the quilt show... those antique ones are lovely... is your Mum doing ok?

Pamela said...

Nice quilt show and interesting cars. I did see that movie!

Chookyblue...... said...

The trellis quilt looks great.... Love the other quilts especially the churn dash.......

Raewyn said...

Oh lots of interesting photos! Great to see the antique quilts and to see your doll's quilt hanging too! The mini mini looks like a fun machine!!

Susan said...

What a fabulous day, and a great report about everything. I like seeing different quilt shows, both the quilts, and how different groups hang them. Your show had beautiful quilts! Wish I could have seen them all in person.