Saturday, December 30, 2017

A few busy days

Time has been rushing by, lately we have been busy.
We have travelled across the Bay to Sorrento, then driven to Harmers Haven to visit Davids sister and family
we were on the smaller ferry going over so we stayed in the car, which was good as the Supervisor slept all the way!
We had fun on a new toy bought for a child but all the big kids had great fun, including me!

Chris enjoying the quad bike

Davids sister and cousin

Serious conversation about the bike, Davids nephew and cousins partner, Chris.

Chris is a keen fisherman and he brought along this snapper he had caught in the was over 5kg.

And this is the house Davids sister and brother in law are building, it will be a beautiful place once it is finished, we were told we would be camping, and we were, the shower and toilet were in the shed, the bathroom and kitchen are not yet in the house. It is a very light and airy place and from upstairs you can get a view of the water.
Yesterday we had a visit from Margaret and Barry, Tracee and Alan and I forgot to take a photo. We had a great lunch together, Marg delivered my 12 Days of Christmas swap and we were like two little girls on Christmas morning! I will show you my amazing presents next blog post.
Christmas has continued on here, Marg made me a beautiful apron
one side

the Christmas side....I just love it, thank you very much Marg. This style of apron has a story, Marg made one 2 years ago for a Christmas swap, I opened the parcel and then along came Bad Santa who made us all swap, so I lost the apron!! All is good now I have my very own. Marg also gave me some almond nougat...yum!!

Tracee gave me this beautiful present, an Adele Basheer calender, which has positive sayings for each month, some note cards, a cute little bird who goes in the garden and a soap wrapped in felt..the felt shrinks as the soap is used, how clever is that, and it smells divine!! I will have lots of motivation and positive thoughts for the new year!!

and some sewing has been happening here, I am doing the gathering stitch around the circles, today I will have a break from stitching and do some gathering up, ironing and attaching to fabric ready to applique in place.
I am off to the library in Drysdale to return some books and renew the ones I have not read yet.
Happy sewing.


Ondrea said...

Love their new house!! Such a festive apron you were given and I love the gifts from Tracee. Hope you find some time to rest before you leave for NZ.

Willsquiltnsew said...

We had a lovely day with great friends, thank you Sue. I'm glad you like your apron!😀

Pamela said...

It looks like you had a nice holiday get together! Glad you still have time to stitch and read.

Julie said...

You sure have been busy Sue ... that house is looking stunning. Love your new apron - what a wonderful story behind it - so pleased you finally got your own one.

Anthea said...

Great to catch up on your Christmas news & posts Sue... Happy 2018 to you x

Diane-crewe said...

busy .. but fun x AND you got your pinny xx lol x

Jo said...

Glad you could spend some time with Marg and Tracee.

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas stretched out very nicely! Happy new year. I watched a video of the Sidney fireworks, over the bridge. Quite beautiful and exciting!