Monday, December 4, 2017


is here too soon!! Today was the first Christmas gathering, it was with the Bellarine Quilters. We had a great lunch at the Port Arlington pub. But first we met at the community centre and had show and tell of Christmas things people had made, I got photos of a few
Margaret made this amazing Father Christmas, the bead work is beautiful.

This wall hanging was made to keep cross stitch pieces that came in cards to one of the ladies, she didn't want to throw them out and one the back are cross stitches from birthday cards. Lovely way to keep memories.

Carlene makes these fairy jars with her grand daughters. They could have a Santa silhouette and red background for Christmas. 

Lovely stockings and containers.
We had our Christmas block swap today
the choosing has started, I got into trouble for not taking the block on the top...woops!! I liked the colours in the second one down!

Walking around the table and taking one block from each pile with Kath.

and this is what I came home with, the challenge now is to make it into a quilt! Great collection isn't it?
After the swap we headed off to the pub
here we all are

the meals arrived

We had a great outing today.
I have just realised the time, so I had better get some dinner sorted, hubby will fade away...well no probably not as he has just found the salt and vinegar chips!!
Happy stitching.


Ondrea said...

Love your header. Some lovely blocks there. Maybe piecing the blocks can wait until the new year in time for next Christmas? Hehehe hubby knows hiw to ward off the hunger pangs. Looks like you had a lovely day.

Julie said...

Ah yes ... mine loves salt & vinegar chips too Sue!! Great outing ... amazing show & tell - loved all the ladies creations. Love all your blocks too - you chose well even if you did get into trouble.

Leeanne said...

A flurry of Christmas crafts. The Christmas block swap looks fun......naughty you trying to swap yours!...........sooooo what I would do too!

Moose-ings said...

What a lovely day with the Bellarine ladies! Love your blocks, they go very well together. That Santa looks awesome. I must find some of that 'beard' fur; I got some flyfishing lure fur for that purpose on eBay, not as curly though

Raewyn said...

What a fun idea for a swap - I'm looking forward to seeing how your quilt goes together - remind me, you each made 12 the same?. A lovely variety of show and tell. Looks like an awesome lunch!! You wouldn't have felt like dinner I'm sure - a shame you had to cook and what a pity the packet of chips weren't a little more nutritious for DH - then you could have had a night off!

Pamela said...

Nice get together. Everyone looks very happy!

Michelle Ridgway said...

What beautiful Christmas show and tell. I love that idea for your block swap...there will be some lovely quilts. Sounds like a great festive get together.

Jo said...

Let the festivities begin. You will get that quilt done in no time..

Diane-crewe said...

I think you got a wonderful collection of blocks x

Helen said...

Looks like such a great day and lots of fun with the block swap.

Fiona said...

great way to get an assortment of blocks..... and looks like a fun lunch... you are in a few groups so will have lots of parties!!