Saturday, December 23, 2017

Nearly Christmas

Here I am home once again after a busy week in New Zealand. My Mum had 4 weeks in hospital with that A strain flu, then it was decided she could no  longer live in her own home. Luckily the local rest home had two rooms vacant and once Mum agreed we could take her straight there. My mother is a very private woman and firmly believes children should be seen and not heard and NOTHING regarding finances, health etc should be discussed with them. So it has been a difficult task finding out where her money is, sorting her clothes and getting her sorted. Luckily most things fell into place. I did have to escape now and then to the beach for some quiet time
one afternoon it was extremely windy and there were about 20 windsurfers hurling around down at Ferguson Park

the tide was out but the view is still good looking over to Mount Maunganui, the tree on the right is a pohutukawa , other wise known as the NZ Christmas tree, so many are in flower at present.

One evening I went geocaching and found a cache right at the far end of this bridge trains use to cross from Tauranga to Mount Maunganui where the port is. No trains went by when I was there but it was super windy, but bonus...I found the cache!!

another cache was near this waka (canoe) which has beautiful carving on it and I believe is used on Waitangi Day.

I found this interesting book swap down the end of the road, I managed to leave some books and took one to read. I think these are a wonderful idea. There are two little free libraries (not phone boxes) in the same area.

pohotukawa flowers,

Super low tide this day and a huge cruise ship in at the Mount wharf. 
I had to have the hire car back on Dec 19th, so stayed in a hotel near the airport that night, 

Jenny came to have a catch up, we had dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel and then after much searching found a geocache between the hotel and the main road. Luckily it was hidden in some trees and bushes so I didn't look too much like I was lurking!! It was wonderful to spend the evening together and have a good natter.

I completed 22 circles while away, most of them at the airport waiting for the plane and the last three on the plane. I need to cut some more circles to do some more.

When I got back there was a surprise from Michelle, a beautiful hand drawn card, elf tree decoration and some pocket mini's stitching patterns. Thank you Michelle, it was a lovely surprise.
I also received a parcel from the lovely is under the Christmas tree...the excitement builds!!

Four more stars have joined the family.

this elf or Santas helper also came home with me, I found him in the hospital gift him!!

and this one was a present from Jenny, just love this one too!
Well there is lots to do, I am attempting a fruit and nut cake today, full of dates, nuts and a little almond meal, so had better get a move on.
Very Happy Christmas to everyone and a safe and creative and healthy New Year.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh I feel for you Sue. Such a stressful time for you. So glad you managed to get your Mum into care. You now know that she is safe. Loved seeing your photos. So love those quirky elves....gorgeous!
Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx

retdairyqueen said...

Great photos
Stressful times with your Mum Thank goodness you got that sorted
Happy Christmas and look forward to keeping up in 2018 xx

Leeanne said...

Our Parents aren't always easy are they? But we love them and I guess that's why you came to help sort her for her next stage in life. Nice that got some time out from what must be stressful and you had your dear friend Jenny visit with you. Loving those gnomes! Be safe, happy and peaceful over this holiday period.

Julie said...

You will be pleased to be home again Sue & not worry about your Mum living alone anymore. Your photos are beautiful .. it is such a pretty spot but especially so in the summer. Love both your Elfs (?elves) & your pressie from Michelle is just gorgeous. Happy Cake Making :-)

Cheryll said...

Lovely of you to take me with you ..well thru your pic's anyway!
Glad to hear you got your Mum sorted.
Merry Christmas Susan... xox

Ondrea said...

Oooo I love those elves. You would have enjoyed your time with Jenny. I love those book swap ideas but they probably wouldn't last 5 minutes here without being vandalised. Good to 'see' you home for Christmas.

Pidgeon Patch said...

I am so happy you are home for Christmas and I am sure your elves will like watch you on Christmas Day... I love the poho pohut pohutu... Grrr NZ Christmas trees and yes the flowers are beautiful... so glad your mum is now in a place that will take good care of her... It was nice of Jenny to catch up with you and lucky you finding the geocaches ...

Lin said...

Sounds like a difficult week for you - I hope your Mother will be happy in her new home. Those circles are looking great and I love the elves! Happy Christmas. xx

Jo said...

So glad you got things sorted with your mum. I hope you can relax and enjoy your Christmas

Diane-crewe said...

oh dear! I am sure there were more than a few deep breaths and ground teeth! At least she is now in a safe environment and you can have a relaxing .. well sort of!... time at home x

Moose-ings said...

It's always,difficult when parents get frail and can't stay in their home. Glad your mum took to the new place ok. Loved the photos of Taunranga, brought back memories from,our cruise. Oh my, I see you're getting just as excited as I am about the little people....

Anthea said...

Such a tough time to go through with your Mum, but glad to see that it seems most things have gone ok with getting her sorted out in her new situation.
Merry Christmas my friend... Can't wait to read of more KiwiKid adventures in 2018 xx

KaHolly said...

Glad you were able to get your mom settled. Doesn’t look like a bad place to be stuck! Merry Christmas!

Raewyn said...

Merry Christmas Sue, it's great that you were able to settle your Mum so well and then get home to spend Christmas with your own family. I hope you have a fabulous time - Merry Christmas xx

Pamela said...

Beautiful photos! Merry Christmas!