Monday, March 19, 2018

Workshop day 2

Day two involved lots of free motion sewing, cutting and more sewing, then painting of bubbles.
Tracee creating

Yetty quilting

the back of my slice

Yetty's quilting and her bubbles

One happy class, work at various stages Sunday afternoon

some simple quilting happening

Tracee free range quilting

painting in the bubbles

Tracee's slice at the end of the class Sunday

my citrus slice ( or brain slice as hubby had suggested!!)

and today (Monday) with some beads added.
We all had a great day, Sue was a wonderful teacher, we learned lots and had fun!
Off now to put some facings on the Slice.
Doing the Rounds has progressed a little more
Appliqueing on the little hexies.
Happy sewing 

Happy sewing


Pamela said...

The class looks like great fun and I love what you've done!

Julie said...

Have enjoyed seeing your slice progress Sue. Gosh they all look amazing at the end ... all similar but different. Glad you enjoyed the class Sue.

elliek said...

Wow all of your slices look amazing. Sounds like a great weekend was had by all.

Moose-ings said...

They all look amazing!

Leeanne said...

Fun class! Your hexie project is moving along nicely.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Sue they all look wonderful. What a great class. I love how your "Doing the Rounds" is looking xx

Lin said...

Well I will say it again - what a great class! I love all the slices and the bubbles are brilliant. xx

Jo said...

They all look lovely. Tracee did well with her bubbles. The painting really gives it a different look

marina said...

Well done!
Love the effect of the bubbles and the colours in the slices.
Seems we are doing the same stage of our projects....i am sewing Hexie flowers onto my backing too

simplestitches said...

that looks great!
how big errr small are those hexies?

Fiona said...

your slices look great.... when I first saw them I thought the bubbles were printed on the fabric - they are so good...

Ondrea said...

OMG! What a fantastic workshop. So creative and fun. Your hexie project is speeding ahead. Well done.

Raewyn said...

What a cool class - right outside your comfort zone I'm sure (well, it would have been for me!) but such great results!