Saturday, April 21, 2018


Is was Guild meeting today,a good time was had by all, I didn't get photos of all the show and tell, just a few
these amazing quits are made with hand dyed, recycled fabric, the stitching is by hand too. There were four of them and they were amazing.

Cheryl is on a mission to finish quilts, this one was put away as she had lost interest, but now it is beaded and finished and looks wonderful.

these two were made for a challenge, the one on the left is made with paper and chiffon, the one on the right hand dyed and hand stitched fabrics. Both amazing quilts.
Anna made this rug for her daughters bedroom...recycled fabric, cut in two inch strips and then crocheted. How impressive is that? It is very heavy, but looks fantastic, Anna had to sit on the floor to make it as big as her daughter wanted. Think I might put in an order for one!!
Yesterday I was out geocaching, I walked 4.5kms along the Bellarine Rail Trail and then went to Van Loons nursery to treat myself to a chai and mixed berry cheescake! YUM!! On the way home I went to the end of Swan Bay Road to find a newish geocache.. 

This big guy was sitting on where I thought the cache was, he flew away grunting...not impressed,  

he didn't go far though.
I squelched my way through the soggy edge of the water and after getting both runners completely wet, I realised I was looking in the wrong place!! Duh!! 

Luckily I finally found it and was able to sign my name, before squelching my way back to the car. Thank goodness it was a warmish day.
I am off to the sewing room now to avoid watching the footie!
Happy weekend.


Pamela said...

Looks like a great day at guild. The rug is fantastic! The bird is really impressive.

Julie said...

Some beautiful Show n Tell there Sue! Can you put an order in for one of those floor mats for me too please!! Your scenery is just beautiful - how lovely to be able to walk all those pretty spots.

Ondrea said...

LOL it looks like you need to wear gumboots next time. Those quilts really are lovely displaying so much talent. I love that floor rug. I rather like rag rugs and it was on my "to do" list years ago. Must have lost that list LOL.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Clever ladies and I do love that rug too. Sounds like you had an adventurous day xx

Fiona said...

gosh, what lovely show and tell... really lovely work.... Looks like a lovely walk too


Anonymous said...

Great projects in your guild. I especially liked the chiffon and paper one that looks like the ocean coming into the beach. (to me, anyway!) I have friends who geocache and they just love it. Thanks for sharing another great day.

co coya said...
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