Friday, June 1, 2018

Skagway, Alaska

We had a great trip here, bus one way and train back, we followed the route the prospectors followed during the gold rush to the Klondike...conditions back then must have been horriffic. It was a bery cold day and on the way back it snowed!!
We went thru Tormented gets very cold here,  parts of the lake were still frozen

Grumpy looking tourist, I was happy really,  beside a spruce, they do not grow any bigger than this, the wind takes out any new growth on the top of the tree.

Donna and Anna our wonderful bus driver.

On the train at Fraser, we went from the US into Canada and on the return trip back to the US again...lots of passport checking

Donna on the train heading back to Skagway. We had a carriage to ourselves, it has a kero heater, which was much appreciated on the cold day.
Back in Skagway we went to the library to get WIFI, not a success for me but we did meet this beautiful boy
Waiting for his owner to check his emails.
We had lunch at a BBQ place, pulled pork sandwich, it was very tasty but first we needed a warming drink
Donna with her hot chocolate..great hand warmer too!!
After lunch we visited the Rushin Tailor...yes a wonderful quilt shop

So many beautiful quilts, kits and patterns...the batiks were so beautiful...the bear kit is coming home with me and a few other bits...there was so much to look at here and so much temptation!! The shop is well worth a visit.
I wandered aro, und the town a little more after the quilt shop, tried to find a cache with no luck,  then wandered back to the this time the rain had returned and it was cold again.


kiwikid said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting...still have to sort out this new privacy business.

Raewyn said...

So many wows!! By commenting to myself and ticking the 'email follow up comments' I am receiving the comments - all as no reply but I do have ost people's email address in my system! sat warm and have fun!!

Fiona said...

so many lovely places to see...

Michelle Ridgway said...

OMGoodness! Wonderful pics! You did look a wee bit chilly lol! The hot choc looked delish! Must've been a treat in the quilting travels and stay warm xx

Pamela said...

What a wonderful trip!

Julie said...

Have been enjoying following your travels Sue - both here & on instagram. Looks like a wonderful trip you are having. Great that you managed to find a quilt shop!!

Ondrea said...

A lovely time despite the cold. That quilt shop has some lovely things. Not surprised you bought something from there. No sense going all that way and regret not buying something you really liked. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

William Blitz said...
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