Monday, May 20, 2019

Retreat and catch up

Last photos from the retreat here
I made a block for the Guild challenge,  the rule was black white and gray, 8 inch block. This didn't get a mention but I was happy I made it. .I made it twice actually as I had sewn the basket the wrong was around the first time!! (Blogger has decided it is a length ways photo!!)

Carleen had a few blocks  more to do for her quilt top

Judy had all her blocks together for this beautiful colourful quilt top.

Maxine got her blocks sashed and sewn together, just the borders to go.
On the way home Carleen and I followed a trail of caches down a side road or two, we looked for and found nine, including the one below

These caches had sayings in the title, this one for instance, was Bite the Bullet,  sadly the bullet is gone, but it gave us a good laugh, and I am sad to say took us a while to find!! Hard to imagine with it looking so obvious once we had found it!!
This was the view from one of the caches.
At one cache we saw this gate to a cattle station

this was the letterbox at the cattle station

and the cache

This old church had another geocache near it.

Last Saturday The Guild had the annual Quilt In and the speaker was Sugy Kim

This is her award winning quilt Retina, many thousands of little pieces in this quilt.

Sugy speaking, Sugy is Korean, was taught quilting in Japan and now lives in Melbourne.

a bit of a dark photo, Tracee and Marg stitching away

The moon last night as it appeared out of the clouds

hard to get a good photo the shaky hands and the camera on high magnification.
Today was sewing day  at Bellarine Quilters, we had a speaker from Kinship Carers

the group presented her with knitted goodies, toys and quilts. The Kinship Carers are mostly grandparents who are raising their grandchildren as their children have drug or alcohol problems. Certainly was eye opening stuff. I appreciate my life very much!

I stopped to find a cache on the way home, the rain had stopped, the sun had come out and it was lovely looking up the beach.
Well this afternoon I was supposed, once again , to be tidying the sewing room, but I have done the grocery shopping, had lunch, caught up with a friend on the phone, done this blog post and it is 4.30pm!! Might go and disturb a few dust particles before I have to get dinner!
Happy stitching.


Leeanne said...

Some lovely projects by all at retreat. What a fabulous quilt, the quilting looks spectacular! Hey we had the same moon over here last night too! How about that :-))

Ondrea said...

Omg!!! That Retina quilt is awesome!! She must have super powers of vision and dexterity. So many lovely projects. Love your moon pic and the caches. So quirky. Hope you have had a chance to unwind.

marina said...

More retreat loveliness
sugy’s quilt is amazing, what a talented quilter

Janice said...

I’m sure everyone was happy with their efforts at retreat. You’ve had fun finding caches lately. Some are very creative. How good to hear Sugy Kim and also about charity quilt recipients. We didn’t see the moon because it has been raining here each evening. Very tropical. Procrastination with a capital P seems to be happening at your place. I often have the same problem. It is amazing how many other things just need to be done first.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lots of beautiful work by that quilt by Sugy Kim was amazing! What stunning moon photos. Your geocaching took you to some interesting places xx

Susan said...

Some lovely projects - and "Retina"!!! fabulous - then again the moon was pretty fabulous too.
Love the meme at the end...thankfully I have a spare machine so it's never time to clean!!!

Cheryll said...

Looks like the retreat was successful... by the work done.
Now back to reality...xox

Julie said...

Lovely post Sue. Love the verse at the end ! Very true. You have been busy with all your groups & outings ... wonderful! Glad you have found some more geocaches. xx

Maria said...

Lots of beautiful work achieved at retreat..
Sugy's quilt is amazing.
You do get visit lots of interesting place cache chasing ...
Kinship Carers do a wonderful job helping to raise their grandchildren..

Lin said...

Sugy's quilt is amazing - must have been an interesting talk. My, you have been busy - still, it's better than tidying the sewing room! (I need to do my desk drawers and keep putting it off!) xx

Elyte said...

Sugy's quilt is amazing.
Nice to see some familiar faces in the photos.

Angie said...

The Retina Quilt is eye-opening (do you like that?) Any idea how long it took her to piece it? Wow! Love that you took the time to find some caches - how fun! That gate to the cattle ranch is quite a work of art in its own right! You mentioned grandparents looking after grandkids - I have a friend in that situation and she is just worn out! God intended us to have kids when we are YOUNG!

Chris H said...

WOW that Retina quilt is just AMAZING!!!!

Susan said...

Love that sign at the bottom! Such wonderful work you are all doing. I'm crazy for baskets, and your block is terrific. It makes me want to go make one right now! The caches are neat looking, and anything with a view like the one shown or the beach is a big addition to the day's goodness.

Raewyn said...

Great post Sue, with lots to look at :-) The Retina quilt is amazing - how lucky you were to see that in person! I love the way that geo-caching helps you to see different parts of the country side - it sounds like a real adventure finding those ones. Hehe I love the last saying too!