Thursday, May 16, 2019

Retreat day 3

Progress has been made by everyone
Some happy faces to start the day, I was buying this fabric in Spotlight and there was 1.75m left on the roll, the assistant offered it to me for 50 cents a meter.....bargain and of course I said yes I will have it!!

The M I nions areon the back of this strip quilt, another for the Kinship carers.

Maxine is making wonderful progress with her quilt top, it shiuld be finished today.

Judy is busy creating her blocks and joining rows.

Carleen is making blocks for her quilt

Maria found this jnfinished quilt top in an op shop for $10, some hexie flowers completed, some just the hexies and she is well on the way to a finish.

And Margaret, despite not feeling the best, has finished three dashounds.  Hope to get a few things done in the morning before heading home.
Happy stitching.


Pamela said...

I love seeing what everyone is working on!

Ondrea said...

Bargain Minions! That unfinished find in the Op shop is amazing. Love it. I wonder what the story is behind it. Judy's blocks are so striking and very unusual and I love the dashies. Such a lovely variety of quilts.

Julie said...

You are getting heaps done Sue. Seems like everyone is making good progress. I love it when they offer you ends of rolls at discount prices !!

Jo said...

Great progress

marina said...

looks like everyone is working hard creating beautiful quilts.
3 Dachshunds!! even more gorgeous than one!

Maria said...

Great bargain buy with the Minions...
What fabulous progress all are making with their projects..
Fantastic find at the Op shop..

Leeanne said...

Looks like a good progress by all.......and distractions of washing machines, phone calls and meals to cook!

Elyte said...

Glad that it was such a productive retreat for you all.
Enjoyed seeing all the different projects.

Susan said...

Great projects, but I got stuck at 50 cents a meter! That is amazing, less than clearance or remnant! What a deal.