Sunday, September 13, 2020


 I went for a big (for me) walk down Edwards Point because I thought there was a fairy settlement there. 5.6 km later I was back home and not a fairy to be seen!

Into the park

Deciding NOT to walk the 6km walk!!

Following the path

Over the wetlands on the board walk

following the path to the beach

stopping for a rest at the Big Seat

following the beach home.
Saturday I didn't got for a walk as it was pouring all day, so I found out a bit more information and today went for a walk in a different direction.
Today I was in the right place

Love the sign

there are several hanging residences

complete with little gardens

Aren't people clever

And then there is the Resort for Retired Fairies. This was made by a woman who lives at Indented Heads, to fill in her time over the last 6 weeks of stay at home.

Lots of little fairy homes

The fairies have different coloured wings, the darker they are the naughtier the fairy is I have read!

The gnome does not seem impressed with his new neighbours!

The fairies had their pets with them.

The all look very happy.

Relaxing and enjoying their retirement.

I wonder if these glow at night?

The fairy dell. I enjoyed my walk here today, there were many many mosquito's here, enjoying the visitors! There was a family with young children looking around when I got there and another family arrived as I was leaving. Great to go and have a look at.

Meanwhile back at the house I have sandwiched and quilted this quilt made by Wendy from the Guild. 

I have also done some quilting on the Kevin and Kathleen quilt

and watched this DVD which I really enjoyed, might have another look today.
I am off to do some sewing or maybe I will sit and read in the sun. So good to have choices.
Happy stitching.


Valerie-Jael said...

You had some great walks and I am in love with that Fairy place, what a fabulous idea. I want to retire there and have very dark wings, that would be fun! Thanks so much for sharing, that brightened my day! Little women is a lovely film, enjoy! Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs, Valerie

jude's page said...

They are so gorgeous, love all the fairys, some people are so clever aren't they? What are the "ladies" made out of?? My fairy (Raylene) is coming back this week, will have to ask her what colour her wings are!!

ButterZ said...

That fairy village will grow fast like GNOMESVILLE in WA. It was a site to see.
Great quilting too.

marina said...

Great to get out and have a walk!
that fairy village is so cute. Seems all the oldies in the retirement village have black wings? hmmmmmm
Love the red white and Blue quilt and great going on your Koala quilt!

Maria said...

So pleased you found that fantastic Fairy Garden. Thanks for sharing , love that retired fairies resident....hahaha! 🤣🤣
Well done doing the quilting on both.
Nice to relax with a DVD or good book.

Gail said...

You've been busy with all those walks! Keven and Kathleen is an adorable quilt. Have a great day no matter what you decide to do!

Karen's Korner said...

What a fun fairy village. Love the retired fairies in their bikinis. Good progress in the sewing room. Did you find time to sit and read as well as do some sewing?

Julie said...

The fairy dell is so wonderful Sue. It makes me feel like making a little fairy house & adding to their collection - maybe a quilting circle one. I think I love the retired fairies most of all. Your quilts are great .. hope you enjoy the movie. Take care Sue. xx

Cheryll said...

Ohhh those faeries are adorable... so FuN... what a lovely find on your walk.
Great sewing projects on the go too...xox

Ondrea said...

What an awesome way to spend the day! Loooove the fairy settlement, so clever. Lots of quilting happening and I really love those koalas.

dq said...

This was a lovely walk you shared with us! The fairy houses are so detailed. I love the pink door.

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a wonderful walk and oh how I love the fairy dell....especially the retired ones lol! Kevin and Kathleen is looking great. As a huge fan of the Winona Ryder version of Little Women I didn't think I would like it but I loved it!

Pamela said...

What a fun walk! The quilting looks great.

Jenny said...

So good to have choices and make use of more than one. The fairy dell was pretty cool all sorts and sizes of fairies. Great progress on the quilts too.

Raewyn said...

How fun that you found the fairies! Neat to see how people are using their time at home.

Fiona said...

such a lvoely fairy spot... I love it.... well done with the quilting.. what did you end up doing for the koala's wadding?

Angie said...

How fun to visit the fairies! You have reminded me I still have not watched Little Women! Gotta make that a priority!

Janice said...

I just love the fairy dell. Some spoke habe too much time on their hands and we are the lucky ones to enjoy the fruits of their labour.