Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Silo visits

Yesterday we left Murtoa and drove via silos and small towns to Hopetoun and Lake Lascelles. The first Silo we came to was at Sheep Hills
This Silo was painted by Melbourne artist Adnate in 2016. The artist spent 4 weeks with the local Aboriginal community while painting these silos. He has painted Aboriginal elders and children and the night sky above them. 
From there we went to Brim
These silos were painted in early 2016 as was the first completed Silo in Victoria. It was painted by Guido van Helten, it inspired the start of the Silo Art trail. The silos design depict a multi generational quartet of male and female farmers.
From there we went to Rosebury

Most of the silos are in the middle of nowhere on the railway line.
This Silo was painted by Kaff-eine also a Melbourne artist. This was completed in 2017 and shows on the left thebregions young female farmers and on the right a quiet moment between friends. 
From here we went to Lake Lascelles for the next two nights.
in the afternoon we had rain and thunder and more rain, at least it cooled down over night. 
On our way yesterday we stopped for a while in Warraacknabeal and had a little look around, David found some metal soldiers  he is a happy camper now!!

Only two of the lovely old buildings we saw.
Today I have been for a walk around the lake, it is 28 deg C and humid  another storm is coming in this afternoon.
This toilet block is on the other side of the lake from us
The painting is great. 
I have to be off now and create an Anthology block as it is Anthology day.
Happy stitching.


local alien said...

Clever, clever, clever. The silo art is well worth travelling to see. So much talent. Still loving the old buildings too

Valerie-Jael said...

Your photos are wonderful, love the painted silos and the old buildings, really beautiful, Have fun quilting, hugs, Valerie

Fiona said...

Those silo paintings are so lovely.... it's hard to imagine how they get such detail on such a grand size... amazing...

ButterZ said...

Sue, you have some beautiful photos here even though the weather was a bit different. Glad David found some treasures. Have a good day tomorrow

Janet O. said...

The silos just leave me in awe!
I also enjoy the old buildings and the waterfronts.
What a grand time you seem to be having!

Maria said...

You’re having a wonderful trip visiting the Art Silos and lovely old towns….

Pamela said...

Great trip! Such detail in the paintings!

jude's page said...

Thanks for the silo tour, I have been to the silos at Brim a few years ago after we visited the Warracknabeal quilt show, but not seen the others.

Raewyn said...

Gosh it sure seems you are covering some miles! So cool to see your photos - I love reading novels set in 'rural' Australia, so seeing the photos helps with the pictures in my mind! Amazing silos - hopefully one day I'll get to see them!