Thursday, June 23, 2022

Last week

 I decided to do some more geocaching and my travels took me over to Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff

The Point Lonsdale Light house, still a working lighthouse

Looking for the lighthouse over to the pier

going to find geocache info along this track

old WW2 bunkers below the light house

looking down the pier, there is a cache out there but I have not been able to find it yet.

a ship coming in thru the heads, all ships coming in and going out need the pilot to ensure the have a safe trip thru the narrow entrance way. The pilot goes out in a bright orange boat, boards the ship and is taken off again once the ship is inside the heads.

The Queenscliff look out over the entrance looking back to Point Lonsdale, there must be a good fishing spot where those boats are anchored.

Queenscliff marina

the pilot boat dock.
Some sewing has been happening here
I took over the kitchen bench earlier in the week and sewed the binding on this quilt, not the best for the back but it was done.

I also cut up some left over fabric bits into strips

I was a bit worried whether or not I would have enough cotton

The sewing machine and iron have to share the one power point at the moment 😀

All done, quilting was done by Joan over in Portarlington. A lovely open hearts pattern,

no need to worry about the cotton!! The quilt is headed for Lismore now.

Chooky decided to have a Churn Dash along, at first I resisted as I have many other things on the go, but then like lots of others I relented and here we go!! First one laid out, here's hoping I sew them together the right way, I have a bad habit of flipping as I prepare to sew!!


Before I packed up for the day I managed three more blocks. Yay!! Five more to go to meet this months target.
I had better be off, I am due at Adam and Beth's place to help walk the dogs!
Happy stitching.


Lin said...

Wonderful coast pictures - I love the one looking down the pier. Glad you are able to make use of your kitchen units, even if not for their intended purpose! Great quilt finish and your Churn Dashes are looking great. xx

Karen's Korner said...

A lovely day out even though no cache was found. It is amazing how we cannot be kept apart from our sewing machines for too long.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Loved Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff....great photos. Thanks for the some lovely memories. You did very well sewing under duress. Well done xx

Pamela said...

What an interesting place to geocache! I like the lighthouse. Your quilting is amazing. The churn dash along sounds fun. It is hard to resist getting involved in something new.

Maria said...

Gorgeous outing… better luck next time with the cache finding.
Great job finishing the binding on the quilt.
Pleased you got the Churns done without any unpicking like me.

loulee said...

Lovely pictures of your coastal walk.
Yay! Another Churn Dasher. LOL

Fiona said...

a creative sewing space is needed at the moment... the quilt looks great and loving the churndashes..... a lot of us got caught up in them...


Soma @ said...

Geocaching takes you to some gorgeous places. I am glad you had enough thread. The quilt is so pretty.


Janet O. said...

How fun that you go geocaching. Wonderful sights along the way.
There is a geocache on the dirt road where I often go on my evening walks. I have seen people come and look around and not find it. I never tell. :)
A great quilt finish. I applaud you for your creative ways of making it work without your usual sewing set-up. That is a great design for a (relatively) quick quilt. All those flying geese are nothing to sneeze at.
Welcome aboard on the churn dash SAL!

Kim said...

Blue skies and blue water as far as the eye can see; lovely photos, Sue. A lovely quilt finish and a churn dash quilt; how fun. Geocaching sounds fun. Oh the thrill to discover buried treasure.

Julie said...

Your photos are wonderful Sue & it almost looks like summer there with that stunning blue sky. I love seeing you find a way to sew no matter what. Us crafters will always find a way somehow!

Janice said...

What a lovely area to go searching for caches. We really must get down that way to explore at some stage. You’ve been stitching up a storm in your makeshift area. I love the quilt. It will be well received in Lismore. Have fun with those churn dashes. Of course you had to join in.

Cheryll said...

Lovely pics of your quest... & love churn dash blocks so good luck with the challenge...xox

jude's page said...

Thanks for the tour around your area. Great way to see the other places. And well done for sewing at the kitchen bench!!

Chookyblue...... said...

always enjoy your wandering pics...the marina looked very calm.......
lovely quilt........and so pleased you joined us for the Churn Dash SAL........