Saturday, March 18, 2023

last day in Tassie

We stayed our last night in the Tamar Valley in a really nice hotel, our cabin booking at Swansea was mucked up and we had to leave quickly. Nearly every bit of accommodation in Launceston was booked, so we were lucky to get this room. They also had a great restaurant and we had dinner there. The football started Thursday evening 🙄 so I got a lot of stitching done.
the view from our room
sloe gin for me, special treat! 
Friday we headed off to visit a penpal in Longford,  we had a great cuppa and catch up before Kath had to go back to work.
We did an Adventure Lab in Longford based on the historic buildings
horse trough, fancy isn't it?
lots of amazing historic buildings all beautifully looked after.
From there we went to Deloraine for another Adventure Lab, this one was along the river, where sculptures were placed. There were also little animal sculptures around the park.
How cute is that?
not a sculpture  there were several of these by the side of the rivet
this gave me a 😃 
one question  here was if a man has a glass of milk with a shot of rum in it, what is he doing? The answer was on the metal strip, he was going out to look for cattle strays. The things I learn!!!
We got to Devonport very very early, we thought the ferry left at 7.30 but the proper time was 9.30. 
All along the foreshore at Devonport are geocaches, placed for people who have time to fill while waiting for the ferry. David has a sleep in theear and I wandered off. It was very windy, I found the first cache but had no luck with next three.   David came and found me two hours later, just before the battery on my phone died. I left the charging cable behind at the hotel. Not the best!
Launceston beach front.
We sat in the car  waiting to get onto the ferry for the best part of 4 hours, lots of stitching happened on tea and toast. The ferry was running late,  we finally left about 10pm, we pretty much went to bed in our cabin. 
We got into Geelong about 8.30 this morning and we're home by 10am. We are a bit tired today but had a great time.
Off to my bed soon
happy stitching.


  1. What a fabulous adventure you had. Love the old buildings and the horse trough, it all reminds me of England. Love all the littgle statues in the park, so pretty. Hope you caught up on your sleep! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love all the little animal statues. They make for a fun day out. Good to hear you are home safely. Rest up now.

  3. I enjoyed seeing Tassie photos. More great Australia. Love the sculptures

  4. Hiya Sue ... I have been playing Catch up on your holiday posts - what a wonderful time you are having. Gosh the beach looks beautiful in your last pic. I am so pleased you've had a nice holiday. x0x

  5. Glad you had a good trip, and yes it's nice to get home. Read of your booking at Swansea being mixed up and then read Gail's blog and she has reservation at Swansea!! You could have almost met up with each other in Tassie!!

  6. What a fabulous trip.... but it is nice being home too...


  7. Gosh what an interesting time you've had! A shame about the waiting around for the ferry. I guess it was nice to be back in your own bed again.

  8. Welcome home! Lol, you probably wanted to stay longer. Looks like you had a lovely time. Hmmmm slow gin? I must look that up.

  9. You've had a fabulous time in Tassie but there's no place like home.....

  10. What fun! You always have some interesting things to show from your trips.

  11. I’ve enjoyed tagging along on your Tassie trip. We gable been to those areas but you saw so much more than us. It is a lovely area.

  12. One day I might get to Tassie - but in the meantime, I will live it thru others!
    thanks for the pics

  13. Sounds like a lovely time, maybe some educational, and definitely some fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  14. Thank goodness you found some all those glad you didn't miss the ferry lol! You have had a lovely Tassie holiday xx


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