Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May Chookshed Challenge

 Deana has drawn the number for this month for the Chookshed Stitchers Challenge and it is

For me that is
the Eco dyed needle case - I have just been to the sewing room and can not find this - it is somewhere safe and ready to go - I can't find where that is - I guess I have a month to lay my hands on it!! 😣
and also
this tin of blocks all need sashing - plus I have several more spacer blocks to make.
Ideally I would like to get a quilt top made, but we shall see!!
Big challenge this month.
I am off to do another search!
Happy stitching.


  1. I hope you find the needlecase kit - looks like a lovely project. Will be good to watch the Anthology blocks come together. Have a good May. xx

  2. Those Anthology blocks are lovely, Sue. I hope you find the missing needle case kit. It's amazing how things go missing in sewing rooms.

  3. I wonder what other projects you will find while you search for the needle case . . .Looking forward to seeing the Anthology quilt

  4. Good luck with your plans. It will be great to see Anthology coming together after seeing the blocks appearing.

  5. Hope you find the needle case, it does look lovely. Look forward to seeing your Anthology quilt.

  6. I hope your lovely eco dyed needlecraft shows itself. Your Anthology quilt is going to be lovely xx

  7. I'm sure you will track it down, I had trouble finding my number 5 challenge too!

  8. Goodluck finding your number 5....... Can't wait to see anthology turn into a quilt...... Been following those blocks for so long.......

  9. Those cute little Anthology blocks are thinking about joining up for a quilt top? Yay! You have been enjoying them for awhile.
    Needle cases are s nice to have.

  10. The needle case is cool...I hope you find it! It will be fun to see your Anthology blocks come together! :)


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