Sunday, July 7, 2013

Down the beach

Probably my last beach walk for a while - it is sunny and warm today but the breeze is a little cold, but that doesn't stop a walk on the beach!!
this poinsettia was in a garden on my way - just loved the colour!
went along Panorama Road,followed the track alongside the golf course, over the swing bridge (yep I felt it swing when some bloke walking the other way stopped walking and started jumping up and down!!!!) Some people!!! He stopped when I stood and stared at him - must have had the scary face on!!! :-) This was the headland the track came out on

Scary lady trying to take photo of self!!! LOL!!

Back down onto the beach

love it here today!
but I forgot a photo from yesterday
went with DH for a walk yesterday morning - he didn't tell me it would be 7km round trip until I staggered back to the bungalow!!!! ( He knows me well!!!) But we saw hundreds of these bats (fruit bats??) hanging in trees, some quiet, some chattering and jostling for position on the tree.

Have been sitting out the back here sewing in the sun keeping company with the kangaroos
Not a bad way to spend a few hours!!


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful spot Sue,loving all your pics,even your scary face ones,lol.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

Oh...not the scary face, hehehe. Looks like the perfect day Sue and your photos are fab.