Underground Railway Sampler

A new project for 2014, Margaret, Tracee, Tania and I are going to be working on this hopefully once a month!
Block 1.Underground  Railroad or Jacob's Ladder. Finished Feb. 7th 2014.

Block 2. Monkey Wrench finished March 27th 2014.
Block 4. Carpenters Wheel completed Easter weekend 14.

Block 3. Wagon Wheel completed 4/4/14

Block No. 5 Bears Paw completed 3/5/14

Block No. 6 Basket completed 20/5/2014

Block No 7. Crossroads completed 6/6/2014.

Block No 8. Log Cabin completed 30/6/2014

Block No. 9 Shoo-Fly completed 4/7/2014

Block No. 10 completed 9/7/2014
Birds in the Air

Drunkards Path

Sailboat (sailing backwards Lol!!)

North Star
Flying Geese block...and one happy camper!!!

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