Old Time Kaleidoscope

This is a block of the month from Shiralee Stitches

Block one 27/2/2019

Four packs ready for sewing. 17/3/2019
Another block arrives
Finished block early May 2019

Finished block early May 2019.
Block finished 8/5/2019.
Block finished middle May 2019
Progress 6/7/2019
Finished 12/6/2019.
No 6 finished 7/7/2019

Exciting to see all six finished blocks together.
Finish 23rd July 2019.
Finished 19/8/2019

Underway 19/8/2019.
Finished 29/8/2019
finished 10/10/2019
Finished 27/11/2019

Work in progress 28/11/2019.
Finish 17/1/2020.

Finish 22.4.2019.

Slow progress as at 6/6/2020.

Finished 20/7/2020.

Block finished 26/9/2020.

I gave the quilt top to Ingrid for her birthday June 2012, these are the photos she sent me when the quilt returned from the quilter. It has been custom quilted. 

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