Friday, October 25, 2013

Learning curve!

Well yesterday I trimmed the edges of the hexie quilt and got it ready to bind, then I found 2 half hexies were missing on one side so unpicked two from the trimmings and hand sewed then on, don't know if that is the right way to do these things but it is now done! Then I discovered some of the stitching on the hexies on the edge were coming undone! Mmmmmm.....not impressed with that!
Gaps in the hexies!

stitching extra bits on to fill the gap!

this seam must have come undone when the quilt  top was stretched tight for quilting..

a very heavy rain shower passed over as I was sitting sewing

I am hoping all the loose bits are fixed as I am now onto sewing on the binding...YAY!!!! I had to move the sewing machine to the kitchen bench so I had the room to manage the is 84 x 88 inches so is heavy and takes up a lot of be honest I need to tidy up my sewing desk but I think it was easier to sew here. Just as I finished a most amazing rainbow appeared outside the window, it was only about 1km away, I don't think I have seen one that close before
Isn't that amazing? Sometimes nature does the most beautiful things when you least expect it! Off to do some more sewing now!
Happy sewing!!



shez said...

wow Sue that quilt is gorgeous and so big it will be great to finish this project and love your nature pics,see you soon.xx

Helen said...

Well done the quilt looks fantastic !

marina said...

your mending of the border looks perfect.Shame about the bits coming undone.
the quilt looks so wonderful quilted. the binding will complete it beautifully.
Might not be a bad idea for everyone to help you sew it down?