Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My local quilt shop

I was back in the local quilt shop Patch n Quilt because I NEEDED fabric for a new project...as you do!! Lol! I was asking about washing fabric before using, I am using black, and was concerned about getting the creases out after washing, Mary said not to iron damp fabric dry as it stretches the fabric and another customer said to put a little white vinegar in the washing water......never heard of that one ......and that is why I love the quilting community, there is always someone around who will help with their ideas and knowledge!

Happy sewing!


Christine M said...

I've never heard of putting vinegar in either. Great hint about ironing damp fabric. That's what I usually do!

Helen said...

They sure are a helpful bunch. !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting information Sue.xx