Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy mail day!

Today I had one of those days Tracee had recently, when you get one of those blue cards in the mail, except that I got a blue one and a red one!! Maybe they ran out of blue ones or maybe they just wanted to cheer up my day!
Two goodies bags!!

This beautifully wrapped parcel was opened first,

Have a look at this!!! The Easter 12" Mini Swap from Sisbabe. Isn't  it amazing? Love the little chickies!

And the lovely label. I am a very happy swapper. Many thanks too, to the best in the world swap Mumma  Cheryll.

The second package had this beautiful silk shawl/scarf and it comes from Kabul and is a thank you from the soldier I sent the Collingwood Aussie Hero quilt to. He also sent a lovely letter of thanks and a badge from his Australian unit. He is on his 5th tour of duty, it must be hard to be away from his family so much.

And here is my sheep - 

I made a mistake with the head but apart from that I am happy with her. I had to laugh, last night Tracee's son Darcee asked if I had made an armadillo!! I don't dare take a side on photo, then you will see what he means! Lol!! It has been a big learning curve for me, I am hoping to make another one at some stage, so maybe I can make one that looks like a sheep!
I have joined up over at Cheryll's for FNWF 
Tracee, Marg and Tania and I are getting together to make another block in the Underground Railroad Sampler. I was supposed to get it all cut out today, but have been pootling around doing other things
Better get on with it and get the pieces cut out!
One quick photo of the supervisor outside yesterday morning enjoying the sunrise
Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

what a lovely post Sue,your mini is so cute and what a wonderful thing for your soldier to do,i think that is so sweet and love your sunset pic.xx

marina said...

what a wonderful thankyou from your quilt recipient.
gorgeous easter mini and such a lovely armadillo!
love the photo of the supervisor, is he saying 'love the serenity'?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful gifts and how lovely your soldier loved the special. Love them Supervisor. He is doing a super job xx

Elyte said...

Lovely surprises in the mail. The little quilt is very cute and a lovely sentiment from the Collingwood soldier. Now you just have to organise for his team to win. I love your sheep and it does look like a sheep from here.

Fiona said...

what a cute Easter mini..... it was so touching to read the soldier sent you a scarf... how lovely..... the supervisor looks like getting ready to face the day making sure you get your fabric cut and stop pootling around...