Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Blocks

I managed a few more blocks this afternoon once I dragged myself away from the book I am reading!!! Four more blocks and now I am playing with how the quilt will go together.
Hee hee!! Had to include some sharks!!

Surfer blocks..

This is the layout so far, now I see the photo I don't like the pale blue surfboard strip, looked ok on the table!! Maybe I should repeat the green/blue strip instead? Any suggestions?? Now the strip looks purple/blue!! Oh dear! I think it has to go, but am open to suggestions. I really must to the caveman tracing tonight as I got distracted last night and it didn't happen!
Happy sewing!


Leeanne said...

Oh I like the surfing one!

marina said...

great blocks, love the appliqued surfer!
I think I am with you on the blue surfboard strip, I prefer the green blue strip too.
great ideas for this quilt!

Tania said...

looking fantastic Sue. I prefer the greeny blue strip too..

Anonymous said...

Love it Sue and I agree with Tanyia.xx

Helen said...

Looking great I agree with the above green blue for me also !!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

It's wonderful Sue xx

Sue Niven said...