Friday, May 2, 2014


Look what Noriko and I made this afternoon at school!! Yes, I was working, really!! Lol!! Noriko is so clever, I did the basic folding and she did the twirly edges and put the together. No glue, just twirled together. Beautiful.
Pretty cool huh!!!
And I received a lovely surprise in the mail today from the wonderful Marina,
Have a look at this!
Some things she made - the little crochet pieces, other things from her stash, and others are finds that I can use on my crazy quilt blocks! How nice and generous is that?? Thank you Marina, you are a treasure! I will use all of these and have a Marina block I think!
Happy sewing!


Tania said...

Wow, that flower looks amazing!! So kind and generous of Marina to send you these beautiful things, they are gorgeous xx

Fiona said...

that origami looks amazing.... lovely treasures from Marina... have fun playing with those...

Leeanne said...

Holy smoke the origami is amazing. Lovely gifts, lucky you.