Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chester (photo hefty)

WooHoo!!!! After travelling over hill and dale we arrived in Chester, found a car park, actually easy today for a change, ans walked to the city centre to see the cathedral

The front of the cathedral 

Only two of the beautiful stain glass windows

Looking to the front of the church

Look at this amazing woodwork
Fantastic tiles

a private space for meditation and prayer

Beautiful fountain in the central garden

Shane in the gardens

buildings around in the town
Lovely old clock
The view from the clock bridge

More lovely old buildings. ...then despite the wet weather we joined a tour of the old Roman sites around the city, we saw the old strong room under the ground, the city centre in  Roman times, part of the old wall and the ampitheater.....our guide looked the part but had an American accent, but he was very knowledgable
Tourists in the amphitheater!!😊

Having a wonderful time!!
Have a great day.

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Diane-crewe said...

truly beautiful city xx .. and county seat for Cheshire x