Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mill Rose Christmas gathering

Yesterday was the last meet up for the year at Mill Rose at Ballan. It was a wonderful day, lots of chatting and laughter and catching up and a little sewing!
Marg modelling her special  Christmas hat

Jo had a spectacular hat
We had a swap that consisted of something to wear, a tree decoration and something to eat. The present opening was very enjoyable, lots of oohs and aahh.....lots of photos were taken.....the paparazzi were there in large numbers
Here Margaret is entertaining everyone with her box! We were told that bad Santa might turn up, so Marg was cleverly trying to tell us that her present was just a box and nothing else!

See what I mean by turning out in large numbers!!

Marg and I had made some blankets of love for  Cheryll aka Dory who came to join us this time, it was lovely to see her again, she is such a fun person, and does a wonderful job organising and delivering the Blankets of Love to various hospitals.
And so let the present opening begin........believe it or not I have culled lots of photos.....but had to put in these ones

a beautiful apron

Ann with a lovely decoration

Lyn with Christmas towels

Cheryll with lovely Christmas slippers

Tracee wearing her Christmas necklace.....but do not get too attached to your gifts ladies Bad Santa is lurking......once we have opened the present it is very hard to swap it or to go, and take something someone else is attached to!! 

Ann, who has the most infectious laugh, Elyte, Marina and Jo

Super model Elyte!! Wearing the latest in Xmas aprons!

Marg made this apron and I opened the present and decided to take a photo  because of the lurking Bad Santa....I knew it wasn't going to stay with me!!! The apron was beautifully made and reversible. nice, I so wanted to keep it!!

Mel with the beautiful owl garland
she opened but didn't get to keep

Look who is quietly working away  over the table from me

And now for some present out Marina Bad Santa is lurking......

The lovely Annie

Ann opening her gift

mmmmmmmm....maybe this is a gift we could grab later  on???

Jo wearing her Christmas apron and opening the next part of the present Timtams I think

Kim with the Christmas apron she received....temporarily ! Lol!!
We thought we were through with swapping presents  but Bad Santa turned up again and announced we had to pass our presents once to the left and then twice to the right,  much laughter and confusion reigned, finally we got back the present we had started with and passed twice to the right, those who ended up with their own gift swapped between themselves.....finally peace returned and it was time for lunch!

A couple of lovely ladies dressed for Christmas!!
The fascinating Tracee and the decorated Margaret
Off to lunch, this was the noisy table of course......the other table was far more refined,  that was until

Bad Santa turned up and said she was going to swap our plates around like she did with the present swap!!!!!! It was suggested she return to her own table and stay there!! Lol!!
After lunch I thought it would be a good idea to try and get a group photo...well it was a bit like trying to herd cats.....moving forward moving back....finally I said stand on this of course that  was a challenge to these two wasn't it! !!!

Trying to stand with one leg each on the one spot!!!!!! Some people!!!!!  Lol!

Ok after a couple of false starts and after missing three people I think we are all here!
I feel very lucky and grateful to know this wonderful group of women, we have so much fun and you can be as silly as you like and it is ok, probably  someone will join you being silly too!!
My good mate Shez, back to Shez again!! Lol!

Marina's, beautiful hexie quilt, amazing fussy cutting!  So nice!

Annie (behind the quilt and invisible! !) was given this quilt for a special birthday it was beautifully made by her quilting group in secret! Fantastic surprise for her huh!!

Elyte made this beautiful quilt for her daughter......isn't it amazing?

And this is Ann's quilt, I think it was a block of the month....just stunning!
Wonder what this lot are up to? So being Miss Nosy I went to have a was the 2007 calender made in Lancefield in the style of the Calender Girls as a fund raiser for the Relay for Life......great photos.....and they raised $10,000!!!!!

The city girls saying their farewells to the lovely Cheryll

And time for more eating........afternoon tea in the cafe...

Woohoo!!!!!! Things are friendly over at that time table!!  Lol!! 

The lovely Jackie, Tracee and Marina

That is  one huge afternoon tea for you Annie!!!!!!
To be fair she was cutting up and sharing between four!!

When I got home I opened a birthday present the lovely Shez had given me today, have a look at this...just beautiful Shez, thankyou!

A lovely sewing kit, complete with pincushion, beautifully stitched and lovely fabric, spots to remind me of Shez!!!!

And finally, yes, you can breath a sigh of relief now nearly finished, when I switched on the tv, there was and Oz v NZ rugby league game.....I love watching the haka and always get a bit misty eyed...silly huh!!!!
I have had the best day, with great company, lots of laughs and silliness, it is so good for the soul to be with such a wonderful come home feeling all is good in the world!!!
I am off now, have to do some more gardening and then I am back into the sewing
have a great day!!


Leeanne said...

What a fabulous get together! Looks like you all had some laughs and shared some lovely gifts.

Elyte said...

You got some great photos Sue. After your recent travels I thought that your camera finger might be too tired but it is in very good shape. It was a fabulous day and I enjoyed sharing it with you and all the others. Looking forward to another year of Mill Rose fun in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue great pics of such a fun day,i so love our get togethers,we are such a crazy fun group and you are right you go home from such a meeting feeling on top of the world,i am glad you like your birthday preseent i meant to put goodies inside it and got side tracked wrapping heaps of gifts up,see you again in a couple of weeks my friend.xx

Kim said...

Great photos Sue it was such a fun day.

KERYN B said...

Looks like a wonderful day - I'm not sure I would like bad Santa....

willsquiltn sew said...

Great post Sue, I just relived the whole day with laughter!

Jeanette said...

Lovely photos of your fun say. Hugs, xx

Melody said...

It was a fabulous day and great to see you.

Christine M said...

I hope you girls behaved yourselves once we'd gone! Sorry we missed the show and tell. I even brought some this time but it stayed in it's bag. Perhaps next time!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Sounds like another perfect day was had by all. Hugs

marina said...

these days are cheaper than therapy! such a great day. Forgot to wish you a belated happy birthday.....
Funny how I'm the only one snapped working? hmmmm
such a role model lol
i love all the happy faces in the photos.

love your photos..... such a

Helen said...

It was a great day, :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Gee I could feel the fun and laughter jump right out if your post... So many lovely faces xx

Fiona said...

I had so much fun looking at your pictures and reading all the antics...

KAYLEE said...

I have read about this outing on a few BLOGS now, seems like everything had the most amazing day...

Jo said...

I just came across this post. It made me laugh.. So many memories.
Friends are great fun...