Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Month of Letters

Today I have signed up with this site here and I am attempting to write and post a letter each day the PO is open. I did this in 2013...don't know what happened in 2014......but have made a wonderful pen friend in Canada who I might get to meet in 2016 when she comes this way on holiday. Should be a big but wonderful challenge....I love writing and receiving letters and it doesn't happen much these days....hoping a few arrive through the month!
Looking forward to this!!
This afternoon I had a wonderful relaxing time visiting Donna, we sat and watched the dvd of Frozen...I hadn't seen it before and then followed it up with Brave!! Lovely relaxing afternoon, we had berry zinger drinks......frozen berries, lemon gelati, pineapple and water....very YUM!! and popcorn!!
Pretzel settling in with Donna for the afternoon, or until he decides to move elsewhere!!

Mr Pretzel...the colour didn't show in his eyes but they are a most beautiful blue...not sure he wanted his photo taken!! Lol!!

Ready to relax!!
Oh and don't forget this Friday is FNWF! Yippee!! I am lucky enough to be spending it with real in the flesh friends.....looking forward to seeing what everyone can sign up and join in here at Cheryll's
I had better get to the kitchen before DH begins to complain about the lack of dinner!! Lol!!
Have a great weekend.


Diane-crewe said...

I saw Frozen with the grandsons .. and enjoyed it although I had reservations going in!! lol x Looks as if you had the supplies ready to hand xx

marina said...

sounds like a great movie afternoon with Donna.
great idea to do the writing challenge. I don't think I would have that many people to write too.

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a lovely idea Sue...sure beats getting those window type letters Lol! Sounds like a beaut relaxing time x

Ondrea said...

Fantastic idea to keep the snail mail going. It is such a lovely feeling receiving letters in the mail. Looks like you had a very relaxing day.

theodora said...

Love that cat !

KAYLEE said...

Good for you Sue, that's a real challenge, every day!!! I receive a letter from my Mum once a fortnight.. unfortunately I don't return with letters - I phone her once a week.....