Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walking the dog

Today was my turn to look after Tupai, he hasn't coped too well with all the changes in the recent we went over to Port Arlington and walked along the beach
Lovely coastline along here..

Tupai found a perfect sized paddling pool!!
We did a bit of geocaching and looked for the Flora and Fauna entrance had a big sign that said no dogs so we went and got a I was putting the take away cup into the car the  lid came off and spilled on the floor!!!! Geez!!!!!  After I had cleaned up I went back to get another...luckily the shop owner gave me one free, and shook his head!! Lol!
We sat by the water for a while, then headed home, Tupai happy in the back yard and me off to  Port again for sewing.
I finished this stitchery last night...

And worked on this one today. I am enjoying these.
Just for a laugh, 
when we were out walking earlier in the week and I decided to try and take a photo of Tupai and I together....he would not cooperate...he is frightened of the tablet!!!!!  Oh dear!!!
Poor boy, being dragged into the photo!!
Happy sewing.


shez said...

Lovely stitchery's Sue and poor Tupai,looks like you are strangling him,lol,how did you go with the gel caching xx

Melody said...

Funny little fellow, scared of a tablet. Lovely stitching.

Ondrea Delahoy said...

Lol, it looks like Tupai is photo bombing you. I wish I could send and receive emails from you. I am in Chippenham, Wiltshire now catching up on some heritage and meeting up with a family friend tonight who we hafe never met before. Enjoy the lovely beach walks.

Elyte said...

A day out with Tupai and some stitching. Sounds like a good day was had by all.