Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St Leonards sewing

This morning despite the strong wind I rode my bike down the street to go to sewing group...three of us are working on the Dresden plate for the Bellarine Quilters raffle quilt...Jill has finished hers so didn't have it with her, but Mary had hers
Mary is making hers with all Japanese fabrics...looks very pretty.
On the way home the wind had stopped...well very nearly. no surf this afternoon
tide was way out, but the sun was those clouds

the pelicans had returned...they disappeared in the bad weather yesterday

interesting place to sit

this does not look comfortable but the pelican was happy!!
this afternoon I had a swim...well a wallow!!

I have been working on this little quilt, just need to sew closed the opening and trim the cottons,

and this was already finished, they are going to the Bellarine Quilters tomorrow to add to the pile of Quilts for others. Off to sort some dinner now!
Happy sewing.


Helen said...

Lovely dresden and quilts, you look very relaxed in the water :)

Julie said...

Beautiful dresden there Sue. And your two quilts are very lovely also. You are soooo lucky to live in such a glorious place, I am envious :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love these Dresdens. You looked so relaxed there. There is something so nice about pelicans gathered together x

Cheryl said...

Lucky you having that beautiful water so nice and close. And glad the pelicans have returned. Lovely sewing projects

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue ,wow you sure do keep busy you are rolling those projects out,well done and what a wonderful spot for a swim,luCky duck xx

Elyte said...

Love dresden plates and pelicans. Was that a mermaid?

Ondrea said...

Cute quilts. How did you take a pic of youself in the water? Magic? Looks like a lovely day, pelicans and all.

Diane-crewe said...

love seeing the wildlife that is close to you .. you can have the water .. it looks cold from here! lol x

Fiona said...

yoiu do get such a lot done... great to have a wallow - not too cold???