Friday, June 24, 2016


I have been trying to get photos from the phone to the computer but I didn't have any luck, so I have taken photos of photos!!!
this is Vicki's creation, silk hankies(little squares of silk) onto a silk scarf with wool rovings around the sides

Jans creating....scarf with cashmere wool onto a silk scarf

Vicki and our teacher Jan admiring one of Jans scarves

another creation
my first attempt at nuno felting with beautiful cashmere wool

part of my second attempt, this need more felting so I will be working on that tomorrow.
two of the treasures I found in Hahndorf last weekend, love the duck in boots!!

lots of goodies from the craft shop in Stawell

love these little buttons!!

this is a little advent candle number, needs to be put together!

anbd these are the goodies from the scrap shop

there was all kind of weather today, some interesting shaped clouds on the way home,

I am joining on another row of hexies on the hexie quilt, now I need to make heaps of black hexies to fill in all the gaps. I am off to do that now.
Have a great weekend.
Happy sewing.


Raewyn said...

That felting looks really lovely - it would have been an interesting class :-) Seems that you have had fun purchasing lately too, I haven't seen a candle mat like that before - I'm looking forward to seeing it made up!

Anonymous said...

Good morning my lovely friend ,oh I love those felted wool scarves,what a wonderful class to do.
Oh those ducks are so cute and love what you bought at the Stawell craft shop they have so many beautiful things there,all up you bought lots of lovely things that will keep you out of mischief,lol.
Looking forward to catching up with you soon Sue ......

Michelle Ridgway said...

Amazing what beauties felting creates. I love those cute ducks and you have a wonderful haul there of shopping treasures. Looking forward to seeing your finished scarf xx

Moose-ings said...

Nice haul, including the ducks! The felting looks great, lots of hard work though. I think we must have a scrapping/papercraft day sometime; might even get something done, lol!

Elyte said...

Glad to hear that you are home safe and sound after your travels. You are lucky learning so many new skills.

Ondrea said...

LOve cashmere! I have a cashmere scarf I bought in Scotland, soooo soft and warm. I wonder if your duck knows puss. So cute. ( sad attempt at humour, I know). Loving your hexies . Lotza yummy purchases there too.

Fiona said...

Ive watched felting and my SIL does some - I know what hard work it is and how lovely it comes up.... beautiful....
Your ducks are lovely -

Jo said...

Looks like great shopping fun. I have never tried felting. Looks interesting