Friday, December 23, 2016

Lead up to Christmas

Wednesday saw us head off to Sunbury early for a hairdressing appointment, Karen did her magic

and provided morning tea and then we went over to Gisborne and caught up with Donna, who kindly fed us lunch! Boy did she put on a spread, we had a salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, bacon, egg and grilled chicken pieces on the top, it was a feast...we then had a look at her studio called The Owlery
some of Donna's crafting friends got together and got the sign for her. It is a beautiful room with great light and plenty of space for crafting and sewing.
we grabbed Donna's hubby to take a photo and then had some desert
which was amazing...crushed ginger nut biscuits, layered with cream and strawberries and blue berries!! Boy were we spoilt!!
Donna also gave me this beautiful present, love the batik fabric, the candle smells wonderful and the card Donna made is just beautiful. Thank you Donna for your thoughtfulness to myself and to Jenny.

We had a wonderful catch up and on the way home called in to visit Tracee and her hubby at their work,I received this amazing present from her
beautiful batiks, patterns and clamps to help sandwich your quilt!! I was very spoilt!!
Sadly yesterday I had to take Jenny to the airport and we had to say goodbye once again, it does not get any easier even though we have been doing this for 40 odd years!!
we even managed a selfie!! Lol!!
Today I have taken the Supervisor for a walk, done some last minute shopping, been to the nursery with hubby and bought plants...we got a pohutukawa tree (NZ Christmas bush) although this one is not the Kiwi one and a dwarf, but probably is safer for our garden, we also got a feijoa, known here as pineapple quava, love the fruit!! A little bit of NZ for me in the garden, I am not sure if we bought at the right time as we are in for very hot days over the next few...we will have to keep the water up to them. I have been sewing this afternoon
the Aussie hero quilt is finished with the machine sewing, I have to start on the hand sewing of the binding and label  tonight...this is due in the mail on the 28th!!

I forgot to say Jenny and I called into a collectibles shop in Geelong on our way back on Wednesday and while Jenny was looking at the Jim Shore Santas, which I must saw were very tempting, I found these little guys....they are one and a half inches tall and sooooo cute I couldn't leave them behind. Love how they are both sewing themed.
I tried to get a Christmas photo of the supervisor but he was not in the mood to cooperate, he tried hiding, even tried to go under the couch to avoid me....this is the best I could do!!
Happy Christmas everyone and the very best of health and happiness for the coming year.
Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

Another fun day! Love the quilt!
When I lived in the US and had a cat, I knitted a sweater for her. She was like your dog and wouldn't cooperate when I tried to dress her up.

Ondrea said...

What a wonderful day you had. Sad that Jenny is on her way back home but at least you got to spend a few weeks with her. LoOoove that Owlerie sign! Gorgeous gifties too. YoOu deserve to be spoilt. Well done with the quilt too.

Jo said...

You had some great visiting and catch ups.
Lovely gifts too. Sad goodbyes..
The supervisor is so cute...

Moose-ings said...

So good to see you guys! Oh, I love those mice. Where DID you find them?!
It must be very quiet without Jenny, hope the Supervisor gets into the Christmas spirit!

Leeanne said...

looks like you have a had a fabulous time with Jenny........I bet you had more then a little lump in your throat saying goodbye!

Julie said...

A post filled with so much loveliness Sue. Can imagine it was hard to say Goodbye to Jenny. Your new christmas ornies are adorable. Have a wonderful festive season Sue x x

Michelle Ridgway said...

Looks like a wonderful time with Jenny....sad to say goodbye I am sure. Love that sign. How cute is Tupais distain lol! The quilt looks great.
Merry Christmas my lovely friend xxx

Raewyn said...

Sad to say Goodbye but you girls sure did a lot while Jenny was here! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the festive season fun continues on for a while :-)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great, and I do like that Betty Boop shirt! I grew up loving her and a few years ago there was quite a bit of Betty Boop fabric. I made a whole American Heroes quilt with it. =) Your day sounds just wonderful, special gifts, special friends, and special find with those two cute mice. I like the Christmas Supervisor picture. Very elegant with the Christmas ribbon. =)

I am said...

Hi Sue so sad to say goodbye to Jenny,hope she had a safe trip back home,i hope you had a wonderful xmas day with your family.xx

Bizarre Quilter said...

Merry Christmas!! I am so glad I found your blog. I am wearing the Nepalese healing bracelet you gave me for Christmas when we were in the library together. xo Lorraine