Saturday, March 25, 2017

Slow day

I had big plans to get heaps done today, but after doing the washing, and walking to the clothes line and back, it is 92 steps away up the back of the yard, I really haven't achieved a lot. I have finished a book and an audio book while doing some hand stitching, I have started an Aussie hero Quilt, the request was for Buddhism (Tibetan) so this is what I have done so far

things are pinned in place

things are sewn in place!!! I am hoping the prayer flags flatten down once they get used to being out of their packaging. The central piece came from a T-shirt,I am going to use the rest to make the laundry bag. The supervisor has been keeping an eye on proceedings and following me from room to room
He isn't happy with the appearance of the camera though!!
While listening to the audio book this afternoon I made some circles to go on the Aussie Hero quilt , I am going to try and make the fabric version of some prayer beads

and put some more blue on the mosaic
not too much more to do now. Now I need to do some starching and ironing.
Happy sewing.


Jacquie Morris said...

Love your Aussie hero quilts you make..... How you think up what to do is great! More imagination than me! Supervisor looks hot and bothered :)
Looking forward to seeing more 😊
Happy smiles :)

The Sloan Patch said...

Your slow say us my productive one!!! Keen to see how this quilt progresses.

Julie said...

Hi Sue, your Aussie Hero quilts that you make are always amazing. I just love how you get them exactly right. I think you have achieved heaps today. I must count how many steps to my clothes line today :-) Just out of interest.

Leeanne said...

just as well you have a supervisor to keep on task!

creations.1 said...

Just love that supervisor - does he walk the 92 paces to the clothes line and back with you??

Ondrea said...

OMG! The mosaic of your sons is awesome! Great idea you have come up with for the Buddhist quilt. Maybe stich the prayer flags down? Not the same effect though. Lol, you get a lot of exercise getting to you clothes line. You need a cut lunch to get there and back. Great exercise but I think I would move it closer lol. Love your new header.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Of course I just love it! Your mosaic of your lads is beautiful! Wow! I do love your fur baby xx

Raewyn said...

Gosh you et some challenges with your AUssie Hero quilts - looks like you have it sussed with this one! The blue looks great around your boys - you must be so happy with how their portraits are looking! The supervisor is lovely, nice that he keeps such a good eye on you!

Fiona said...

I really love the mosaic. How do you translate a picture into a mosaic and then choose the colours to get the shading. It looks very complex. Well done with the new quilt - you are very creative with your designs... Yay... I love your new header!

Pamela said...

How nice to have such a big table to lay things out on. Great idea for this new quilt!