Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have been at home today, keeping out of the rain for the morning and watching the parade in Melbourne on the TV

these planes flew over the Air Force part of the march, and not long after flew over the house here.

The walk up to the Shrine of Remembrance 

family members are in that group somewhere, the last group in the parade, who were stopped on their way up the concourse as it was time for the service to start..

No 2 son behind and to the right of the camera reflection, hubby's cousin Kerry and Aunt Lobby,

hubby and his aunt...not such good photos when you are taking them from the TV and the subject is moving!!

bagpipe band following them up.

View up to the Shrine.

I have finished the sewing and the crochet edge on this KOGO blanket,

and the hand stitching of the binding on this quilt, from the Guild, for the Children's hospital,

and this KOGO blanket has been stitched and the crochet edge is now being done. Good activity for a wet and rainy day, while listening to an audio book.
I have to go and peel veges for a roast for tonight, so had better head off to the kitchen!!
Happy stitching.


Ondrea said...

Gee, your hubby is amazing! WE know a few people who marched today too. My ex father in law has only recently stopped going after the age of 90.Love your KOGO blankets. I must finish my crocheted blanket from last year. Good weather to be crocheting or knitting.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Well done to the family....looked a wee bit damp too. You certainly made great use of your day xx

Jo said...

Still very good photos for memories... good job on the blankets

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,wow how cool that your family got on TV,it sure was a wet day for the the March.
Lovely work on your blankets and the kiddies quilt is so cute,well done on your beautiful finishes my friend x

newsurfiegirl said...

Looks like a great way to spend ANZAC day! Good spotting finding your family on the tv!