Thursday, April 27, 2017

This morning

I made a list of things I was to do today, to motivate myself....I have just gone to look for the list ( 5.20pm) and I can't find it!! So much for that idea!!! I know I did get some things done
three extra nine patches to go on the row by row quilt

made and joined on and the row is still too short, 

so I measured carefully, calculated seams and added two strips on the ends....

bummer!!! Still too short, so that has been chucked in the to look at later pile!! I have a bad habit of starting things and not measuring first, at least here I was using up left over fabric and blocks. Might just add a tiny strip on each end  in the spirit of scrap quilts, or is that taking it too far??

Next I made a strip to go on an Aussie Hero quilt , the request is for Aboriginal art and NRL and Melbourne Storm.....but then hubby came in and said,

you can not put that strip (Melbourne Storm) with that Aboriginal fabric, they do just not go!! I know they do not go but that is the request and I was given this quilt top to use in an Aussie Hero quilt and this seems like the time to use it. So what do I do now??? Aboriginal fabric that I have is earthy colours and Melbourne Storm is purple and yellow.....any ideas gratefully received!!

Then I got distracted and discouraged and went and looked at a book called Remembering Adelia, a book of doll sized quilts, made in the American Civil war type fabrics. Down the back of the book was a Housewife Needle Case also known as a Huswife. I didn't know that soldiers away at the war did their own sewing and carried one of these in their haversack to hold needles, thread, buttons and maybe scissors. So I thought I would have a go.

the finished huswife

and inside. Pockets for thread and scissors and a needle keep at the top. Yay I got something right today!!  A really beautiful huswife was made by Tracee, much more flash than mine.
Last night I finished the binding on the quilt for the Children's Hospital. All ready for the next Guild meeting.
This afternoon I decided to walk down to the PO
the pelicans were resting down near the boat ramp

and snoozing

for some reason this panorama photo looks like it has been cut in the middle

there were some interesting looking clouds about today. 
I am happy to be back home and in the warm.
Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

Looks like you don't need a list! You got a lot done with out it. Nice projects.

Julie said...

Gosh Sue - I think you get loads done in your day. I am always impressed by how much you achieve. AND you still get to go walking & get some exercise. Meanwhile I just sit here thinking about it ............... My Mum has my Dads old needlecase that he made in the armed forces. She has promised it to me one day. Sorry I cant offer any help re the Aussie Hero quilt ... maybe just ignore Hubby & carry on as you were as it looks perfectly fine to me !!?? :-)

Leeanne said...

Some fabulous progress have me giggling at loosing your list of things to do!

Fiona said...

you need a board on the wall for your list (that's what I do) then you always know where it is - you only have to remember to look at it! haha..

What about a black border around the Storms - so there is a gap between the colours?

I was looking at the huswifs at the war quilts show..... very useful and I keep promising myself one ...


Anonymous said...

Good morning my friend,lots of lovely beach pics,love the pelican.
Lol you sound like me with lists,hope you find it Sue,hope your day is a good one.xx

ES said...

Can you put the aboriginal design on the back of the quilt and the footie on the front, or vice versa???

Raewyn said...

Ha! I"m good at losing my lists too - maybe it's my brain telling me I didn't really need to do those things afterall...! Trying to match the lengths of rows can be frustrating cant it.... looks like it's a little too short to do the fabulous 'ease it' trick...! A dilemma with the latest Aussie Hero quilt - not sure what you should do so I will be interested to see what you come up with :-) Lovely little Hussif, it will be very handy!

Anthea said...

Gotta love a list... but not so good when they are lost!
Looks like you still managed to get some good sewing done anyway... love those nine-patches x

newsurfiegirl said...

Love the bright colours you are using. As for the storm / Aboriginal Quilt I would just leave the storm out... cause I can't stand them LOL but that wouldn't be appropriate for an Aussie Legends Quilt.