Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Home days

The Supervisor and I have enjoyed a couple of at home days, having a walk along the beach, doing a little gardening, some sewing, scrapbooking....relaxing things...blogger is not playing nice and uploading for me, so I will try later.
Well  now it is tomorrow....
Sunday morning walk along the beach

so calm this morning

this bird was busily fishing

and this DC3 flew over, they always remind me of my Dad.
these two blankets were finished Saturday night (yes it was a late one!!)

and this one was finished last night. They are ready for delivery now.
Today I went over to Seachange and there were some quilts on display on the stage at the Seniors Centre...the display was to celebrate their 50 years of operation.
Isn't this beautiful..the colours really pop!

A beautiful Michele Hill quilt

A Stars quilt...how nice is that.
I am off to find the sewing machine.
Happy sewing.


Michelle Ridgway said...

What a lovely place to have a wander. Sometimes it is so nice to have home time. The the blankets look great. Those quilts are just beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy xx

Raewyn said...

Your beach walks look so lovely - always something to see :-) Great work finishing the blankets. Beautiful quilts on show - bet you were inspired when you got to your machine!!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous photos!

newsurfiegirl said...

wow The quilts look amazing! I bet it was a great display. I love your blankets too, especially the pastel one. They look nice for snuggling up on the lounge to watch a favourite show!