Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time flies

Well the last few days have flown by, Saturday was Guild day and was the AGM followed by a regular meeting and then a committee meeting, there was some lovely show and tell
Mary made this beautiful quilt, she liked the idea so researched it on the internet and then made it!!It is stunning up close.

Lisa made this for her sister, it is made from 1970 fabric swatches plus an African panel in the centre.

Sue C made this quilt for a member of her family, the whales are fantastic.
Sunday we went up toSunbury, 2 hours there and a bit longer back as hubby took a wrong turning and we had to double back. It was a glorious day and we got to watch son # 2 play soccer, the team   had a win so everyone was happy!
Monday was stitching at Bellarine, one member had a special birthday and had a special cake made by another member
TRacey and Lesley preparing the humming bird birthday cake.

Happy birthday to Linda.

Barb was working on her tiny stars, love the fabric she is using.
Today I have been over to Seachange Quilters at Barwon heads, we had a great morning of sit and sew and chat!! After sewing I had a walk around the Bluff, it is a beautiful day to be outside
Heading off along the path

Up the top of the Bluff, it was a little windy but not too bad.
I stopped at Ocean Grove on my way home to look for a geocache and found this fungi
I did eventually found the cache once my brain got into gear!! And I also found a small lake at Ocean Grove, didn't know that was there!!

I am slowly plugging away at the Christmas stitchery..slowly slowly does it!
I have to go and type up the minutes of the committee meeting now.......
Happy stitching!


Leeanne said...

Some lovely quilts, I especially like the whale quilt. More fungi........

Pamela said...

Great show and tell and gorgeous outdoor photos!

Jo said...

Good to see you keeping active

Moose-ings said...

Love Mary's quilt, and the whales. Looks like a fun day with cake. It was such a gorgeous day, even more so at the beach.

simplestitches said...

show and tell is great! love the stitchery in green, very pretty...and love your new banner (although I miss the supervisor up there too)

Regine Karpel said...


Raewyn said...

Gosh Sue, I didn't realise how much of your blog I had missed while I have been awol!!! I thought I did well keeping up with your fb posts while you were on holiday - but didn't realise you were also blogging about it, with a little more detail. So I've just re-lived your holiday with you!! I hope David didn't take too long to recover from his bronchitis (etc?). Lovely quilts at your show and tell...hmmm an AGM....sounds like you came home with a job?!

Ondrea said...

Wow! You have been so(sew) busy. Some lovely quilts on display. That first one looks a bit like Maya Angelou in her younger years. I wonder who the likeness is really of. Love you Christmas stitchery. I am about to finish off some Christmas stitching as soon as I have washed the fabrics I bought the other day.