Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Link up and catch up

This week is zipping on by!! I am linking up with Anthea at Hibiscus Stitches to celebrate all things EPP - mu contribution this week is a bit poor but EPP none the less
I have done a bit more than this, but I was working on this one on Tuesday, but more talking happened than stitching! Still every little bit helps!
If you go over to Antheas blog you can see what else is happening with EPP.
I have signed up to do another two Aussie hero quilts, one with dinosaurs - how good is that timing!! I must have known something when I bought the panel in NZ!! I have it ready to be sandwiched
It is not a very good photo I am sorry, it will go to the service persons son on his return home, the son is 4 and loves dinosaurs. Hubby returned home this afternoon and asked why I had emu feet all over the top of the quilt.....I suggested he could go away for a few more days!!
The second request is for a Minions quilt, I have a panel with Minions, so I am adding blue to the sides and top and then appliqueing 

these guys around the sides. This quilt will also go to the son of a service person. Minions always make me feel happy!
We had rain this morning but this afternoon is beautiful.
Yesterday the Supervisor and I had a walk along the beach
I should have taken the lead off first, we both ended up with wet feet!!
At St Leonards sewing group this morning Mary showed her progress with her Japanese quilt, this has been sewn and unpicked a few times so it is good to see the progress now.
This afternoon I put the binding on a Quilt for Others from the Seachange group

now it needs the hand sewing and label sewn on and it cango in the ready for distribution bin.
I have also traced off another 6 blocks ready to be painted, might do some more painting in the morning, will see how we go.
Happy sewing.


Fiona said...

You are busy!

Pamela said...

Somany beautiful projects! The minions are great!

Julie said...

Thank goodness you bought those new panels in New Zealand Sue ... just perfect for the dinosaur quilt. Those minions little faces make me smile too ... I am wondering if my grandsons will get to love minions.

Michelle Ridgway said...

How good is that to find a fan for your cute dinosaurs. I love your friends Japanese quilt.....beautiful! You are certainly getting stuck into some lovely projects. The Supervisor loves dipping his paws lol!

Lin said...

Lots of lovely things to look at. Pretty star and the dinosaur quilt is great. I love the Japanese quilt too, your friend has found some beautiful fabrics. xx

Anthea said...

Gotta love EPP... a little bit here & a little bit there... it all ads up♥

Chookyblue...... said...

you get so much done........

Ondrea said...

Oh my! Did you cut out all those little minions??? That charity quilt looks pretty.