Monday, January 15, 2018

A little sewing

I had a little time on Saturday to get to the sewing machine and have nearly finished three rows on the book reading quilt
I hope to get some more done tomorrow.
I did some circle sewing while in NZ, but got the most done in Auckland airport and on the plane
very elegant airport sewing position!!

Now I have another 54 circles to add to the collection.
I found some photos I had taken in NZ, from when I had a walk after dinner
down the end of Woods Avenue, the tide was way out, here Mount Maunganui is in the distance

and I wandered along the waterfront and thru Ferguson Park and saw a little of the sunset

the back through the primary school I went to many moons ago, loved this heron mosaic

and the bollards

I liked this sign, I hope the students are encouraged to read it.

another heron at the front parents house is four houses down the road. Kind of a fitting sign for our time there coming to a close.
I had better be off and sort some dinner, it is that time of day once again.
Happy sewing.


Pamela said...

Your circles look great. Love seeing you memory lane photos!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great progress on your reading quilt. Your circles are have seduced me into making circles for RSC! I did try and resist! Love your NZ photos xx

KaHolly said...

Your reading quilt is going to be so special, and I am loving your circle quilt! I don’t know why, but there’s just something about circles on quilts that speak to me. NZ looks like a lovely place to visit. Maybe, someday!

Julie said...

Hi Sue, gosh your circles are coming along well! Love your airport sewing position! Your photos of the Bay turned out lovely ... you could almost make some of them into postcards. Happy Sewing to you Sue xx

Fiona said...

Oh my you have a lovely collection of circles.... it pays to have some ready for wherever you are... and I love your pictures...

Cheryll said...

You must LoVe going in

Leeanne said...

good to see that suitcase multitasking as a foot stool too. Your circle quilt is growing fast.

Elyte said...

An emotional time for you.
Take care xx

Raewyn said...

Nice that you've got back into some sewing and making good progress too by the looks. Your circles are stunning well done!! I love the inspirational things there at the primary school - they are done very tastefully! Bet the wander through the school brought back lots of memories!