Friday, May 11, 2018

What a difference a day makes!

We sure have had a change of weather here in Victoria
Yesterday morning the Supervisor and I wandered along the beach

the sun was shining and the water was sparkling

today we have heavy rain showers and howling wind and the temp has dropped to 13 deg C as I am sitting here! The rain is most welcome. just not the storm that has come with it! We are ok here, but Hobart has flooding, not sure what is happening in Melbourne.
I have had a busy day, I took a quilt the quilters this morning, then came home and worked on the quilting for the owl/fox quilt , which is now finished
and ready to go in the post tomorrow, then because I felt like it, 

 I made a cover for my passport...just one of those things!! I have other things I should be doing but this what  felt right to do today!
Now as it is a cold evening I am off for a soak in the bath, with a G & T and a book before the pizza fairy arrives with dinner.
Happy weekend.


Pamela said...

I'm all for doing what you feel like working on! The passport cover looks great.

KaHolly said...

I’m sure loving that passport cover! I operate like that, too. I work on what pops into my head, regardless of what I’m already working on. I’m always saying, “...but what if that isn’t what I want to work on when I wake up in the morning!” Glad you made it through the storm unscathed.

Lin said...

Weather is amazing! Can't imagine living anywhere without changes of season and weather. Love the passport cover - why not. xx

Fiona said...

what a big change in the weather.....beanies, blankets, fires, soup, hand stiching time me thinks.... Love the animals quilt and great idea for your passport. Have a lovely weekend keeping warm


Leeanne said...

That's a song title............the owl fox quilt looks great.

Jo said...

Daughter has said it's rained in Werribee for the last 3 days. She is sick of it. Your evening sounds great. Sew what makes you happy.

Ellie Merk said...

Love your quilt, it's great. Hope the weather doesn't get too crappy for you. Have a good weekend :)

Diane-crewe said...

well.. if the weather keeps you indoors sew what you want to .. not what you should be doing xx

Raewyn said...

Well done on the speedy finish to the fundraising quilt. And what a good looking passport cover--- I recognise that kiwiana fabric! Our weather is all over the place too; winter woolies one minute and t-shirts the next! And we've just had a wet weekend...too foggy to see how high the river is this morning. Happy Monday xx