Monday, January 30, 2023

Some sewing

 Yes some sewing has been happening in between grand mother duties and reading, a bit of walking and bike riding.

Stitching is progressing on the Thought Bubbles Quilt

Blogger decided this one had to be side on!! I am getting borders on as blocks are finished.

One block to go and they will all be finished and can be joined into a little quilt.

I have been slowly stitching away at Tea and Cake, still a way to go, but I am slowly getting there.

A little flannel blanket for Finn

This was a mini quilt I made for Ingrid for last Christmas

and here is Finn, this photo is from 2 days ago.
I had a bike ride last week to Indented Head, the weather was beautiful. Indented Head is the lump of land you can see in the distance. I did 11.8km that day, thank goodness for an e bike, or I would have been exhausted.

The old steam boat wreck at Indented Head

The beach on the way home.
Last week we went up to Ballarat as David had  neuro appointment, we stayed the night before at Lake Burrumbeet.

This photo is from the way home, we stopped in Buninyong to do an Adventure Lab and to get lunch, this bike and the one below were at the RSL

These poppies were made of metal I think.

The view from our cabin at lake Burrumbeet, the busiest we have ever seen it. The lake is full as was the camp ground. 

the sun starting to go down

a  little further

and gone

Saturday I joined in (late) with Chooky and Co for a zoom and stitch session, it was a smaller group by the time I joined, but it was great to see and hear everyone.

Thought I could sneak in another one!!

This is an out of focus photo  but this is the last Aussie Hero quilt I made, the request was for the ships crests, map of the world and food. Fingers crossed he likes it!!
I am off to get some dinner
Happy stitching.


  1. Lots to take in there Sue. I love the poppy bikes. Your Thought Bubbles are looking so beautiful! And of course Finn is gorgeous. xx

  2. Oh, he is adorable. But you know that!!
    Thought bubbles? That sounds intriguing, was there a previous post I missed on that one?

  3. Lovely photos from life around you.
    Long live sweet Finn

  4. How nice to be riding a bike, enjoying those views, at this time of year. An E bike is the way to go. Wow, Thought Bubbles is nearly finished; how lovely it is. Tea and Cake is a beauty, too, with all those hexies. Of course you had to sneak in a few photos of Finn. How sweet he is. Hoping your husband received a good report from the neurologist.

  5. Finn is gorgeous, bless him! Fantastic quilting, too. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Finn is adorable, but you know that!
    The thought bubbles are lovely and so are those poppies.

  7. Wonderful that you are spending lots of time with Finn.... a lovely distraction. I do love your thought bubbles quilt.....


  8. A lovely post Sue. Finn looks like a settled little guy - I hope that is the case; so nice that you are able to spend plenty of time with him. I didn't realise you had ane-bike - a great way to clock up the miles! I love the thought bubbles blocks :-)

  9. A very newsy post. Of course you can sneak in photos of Finn. All your stitching is looking great. The scenery on your bike ride and travels is lovely. Great sunset.

  10. A busy week for you both in and out of the sewing room. Love those Thought Bubble blocks. Gorgeous photos of Finn.

  11. You sure have been busy so it's great you got in some sewing and lots of time with handsome little Finn.
    Like your Thought Bubbles blocks.
    Missed Zoom as I wasn't sure what time and being three hours behind can make it tricky.

  12. Big post - love the Thought Bubbles - it will be great!
    Well done on the donation quilt too.


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