Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Our next day out and about was to take advantage of the nearly fine weather
first stop at a park up the Mt Buller Rd, the cache took ages to find
Beautiful stream down rhe bottom there 
The kookaburra was watching us
Still some great colour on the trees
Further up the road we found this 
How good is that?? We found the cache nearby. Looks like the tree has grown and is pushing the door out of shape
we left a letter for the gnomes - I think it is aimed at kids but us big kids joined in too 😁
Next stop was over the road from Mansfield Zoo .  We could smell the bison before we saw them! Then on to another  no photo,  and another, but we got a bit lost and ended up at Gough Bay on Eildon.
Beautiful place for lunch not too many rain spots happened.
Back to the cache we missed
Next to a water measuring thingie  we found the cache after a while.
We even got a little sunshine 
Last cache for the day, over the road from rhe airport. 
I had a walk around the complex before dark
A little visitor
Phone is playing up again now so I will finish up until next post.
Happy stitching.


Pamela said...

Looks like a fun day!

Janice said...

You are having the best road trip. Such beautiful scenery. Making me jealous.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful scenery and I love the Gnomes house and of course you had to leave them a letter xx

Fiona said...

Such a beautiful area.... some lovely pictures

Janet O. said...

What an adventure--from the gnome house, to the bison, and your hopping visitor. Looks like fun!

Raewyn said...

Lovley photos Sue and so good the nice weather continued for geo caching. The gnome tree house is very cool. Neat that you got to see some of the local wildlife too.

dq said...

Wow, you even lucked out and saw a live, bouncing kangaroo. We didn't see a lot of live ones while we were in Australia.

The scenery is so beautiful!

Susan said...

That gnome house is fabulous! Loved the little visitor ... and then the bigger one. What wonderful adventures to have with a friend. I didn't know OZ had bison around, so that was a little education for me, too. Thank you for more travel and more adventure!