Thursday, February 29, 2024

Last day of February

 Toady is the last day for the Chookshed Stitchers challenge for this month

I am very happy, I have bound and labelled the last quilt, a donated top, quilted by Joan

I was given a bag with 3 completed braid strips and the cut fabric pieces, so I have completed the top, just this afternoon. This will be completed at some stage and go to Oncology.

These are the left over fabric bits, maybe I can sew them together and they can go on the back.
Deana has a link up on her page where we can see what the other Stitchers have finished/done for the month. Wonder which number we will get for March??
Happy stitching.


  1. Well done on finishing quite a few again. It is rather exciting waiting for the next number.

  2. Well done Sue.
    The Brais quilt tops looks great.
    The pieces will make a good backing.

  3. Two lovely finishes and congratulations on your all your challenge finishes. xx

  4. You have two lovely finishes there Sue xx

  5. This challenge is keeping us on our toes, isn't it? Either that or the weather! Some oncology patients will be comforted with these quilts, for sure.

  6. Two good finishes Sue - you always seem to achieve lots to me as you work on such big projects (things that would take me a year!!!). Happy Friday to you Sue x0x

  7. I think braid quilts are so cute and fun! love the colors!
    Great progress this month. You did a lot!

  8. The braid quilt came up well - that's a lovely shade of purple in it!


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