Friday, April 12, 2024

Tiki tour day 4 and Baradine

We left our motel this morning and looked out for Tooraweenah , there was an Adventure Lab there to do. I didn't take any photos, woops!!
But on the way we stopped at a lookout to the Warrambungle Ranges
There was a memorial to Returned Setvice men who took up land options after WW1 and became farmers 

From there we went to Coonabarabran and visited the quilt shop, a little community support happened 😁
Then on to Baradine. 
Ladies arrived at different times and got sewing
And chatting.
We had dinner at the pub

Raewyn completed a block for her Corner Star quilt

I had a morning walk
Saw the local kangaroos

This flying pig mail box appealed to me
I finished my Corner Star quilt and managed to get rust marks on it from the fence 😒
Lea's Corner Star quilt
general room view
Last night I put the borders on this quilt, we had an interesting time taking a photo this morning, there were ants biting my feet and the breeze was moving the quilt!! The challenges of outdoor photography!!
Off to continue sewing!


  1. Lots more fun and the corner star quilts look great. xx

  2. I am really enjoying following along on your trip Sue. Wishing you & Raewyn the bestest time at Retreat. xx

  3. Love those corner star quilts. Hope you are enjoying another good day.

  4. Yay, Yay, Baradine! I love the quilts, familiar faces, everything!!! So glad you could go.

  5. oh sigh . . . . Funny how your quilt looks so different to Lea's...Hope you can get rid of the marks...ooops....
    You made good progress.

  6. Sad, fence marks on your beautiful quilt, oh the dangers of outside photography.
    I loved the full room view, and the kangaroo in camp, and the familiar faces. Thanks for making me feel like I am there again.

  7. I missed seeing the bottom quilt........always a few challenges take outdoor quilt pics........but they are usually worth it......

  8. opps and I love all the corner stone quilts.........


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