Sunday, May 12, 2024

Gisborne Retreat

 A very happy three days was spent at the retreat at Gisborne, lots of chatting, laughing, sewing, eating happened plus a little walking, I was very happy to get 4 quilt tops nearly finished with the help of Margaret 

After some unsewing the Guild Mystery quilt is done,  just the borders to add now.

Margaret finished her I Spy quilt top

Another cheaters quilt for me with fabric I got from the quilt shop in Temora, borders from left overs at home.

Judy got a border on this left overs quilt top she and Christine made

Maxine had her beautiful hexie quilt back from Tracee of Hummingbird Quilting

Another quilt Maxine had back from Tracee, these were 9 patches she had from a swap many years ago

Another quilt top finished by Judy

Beautiful backing fabric Tracee has at her studio , she has another with Artic animals and yes one came home with me! 🙄

Carleen with her scrappy strip quilt

Another Judy quilt top made from fat quarters and other left over pieces.

Beautiful gum blossom

Autumn colours

This cloud stayed over us one day while we were walking

Margaret at work on my Anthology blocks

As there were 183 Anthology blocks we made 2 quilt tops, I want to put black all around and maybe a coloured side border to make them a little wider.

Thank you for your help Margaret, without you sewing and sewing for me only one quilt would be done! Quilty friends are the best!!!💓

I think that is enough for now, I will try and publish this on my phone and then go and fix the photos on the lap top..
Happy stitching. 😊 
PS I published this to the Scrub Stitching blog 😕 so have cancelled the one over there and tried again here.


  1. I love your retreats! Your anthology quilts are fabulous!

  2. oh wow some lovely quilts to share pleased you got anthology together...........

  3. It's so fun to see what everyone is working on!

  4. What a clever lot you are! Wonderful quilting! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Lots of lovely work - the Anthology quilts look very striking with the black. good choice.

  6. fabulous quilts you are all working on... Anthology quilts are looking so good with the dark sashing and I love your Mystery quilt.... so effective...

  7. How wonderful Sue - looks like everyone got lots achieved. Anthology are looking wonderful - so much progress. I was lying in bed this morning just before I got up & I was thinking to myself "I feel like I need to go on a sewing retreat" 😉 ... one day hopefully. xx

  8. Your Anthology quilts look amazing! How lovely to hjave help too. Great work by everyone and the stars really pop in your Guild Mystery. xx

  9. WOW! So many amazing quilts …. Love the Mystery one and I think the black would really make the Anthology quilt look fabulous.
    Not sure why your posts aren’t showing up on my reading list???

  10. Your mystery quilt is so effective. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work and lovely photos. Anthology quilts are stunners. Well done!

  11. well done on your finishes at retreat. How lovely to have Marg helping you out.

  12. Gorgeous quilts! Your Anthology one looks amazing!

  13. Sounds like a great and prolific time with friends, Sue.

  14. Such a productive retreat Sue. Lots of lovely quilts made - awesome to see your Anthology blocks together.


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