Monday, August 19, 2013

Lazy Day

Why is it that some days I am fired up and can sew all day and get lots done and then I have other days when I just can not be bothered to do anything?? Today has been one of those days, not a lot done and now it is time to be getting dinner ready....oh well....yesterday was a better day, got at least a little done!!
i laid out the squares for a KOGO blanket and my assistant decided it was a wonderful place to have a snooze!! Wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't muddled the rows up! Lol! I guess that tells me I need to clear the table and not work from the floor!

Wednesday group challenge nearly done, just need to finish off the threads and sew the opening closed. Can show a whole photo after we have unveiling. 

Halloween tablecloth nearly finished for Jenny, have to finish off threads and sew opening closed - there is a recurring theme here - not wanting to do the final things to get it finished!!! I would like some glow in the dark skeletons to hang on the corners - does anyone have any ideas where I could get them from please? Tried the local $2 shop but no joy there.

Another "bright" KOGO rug finished and ready to be delivered.

Next KOGO rug to be sewn along the long seams, then needs a crochet edge, there is another one lurking in a be done later on. This one isn't too bad most of the squares are of a similar size, the red ones just needed a bit of tweeking to fit.
I found an amazing hexagon quilt on facebook today

so far over 13,000 hexagons! But what an amazing quilt, it is like a Persian carpet!
and today is World Orangutan Day - the orangs at the Melbourne Zoo  had special fruit and plants today - was party day for them. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue try spotlight in the sparty's dep,balloons and party items they always get in halloween,good luck.xx

Farm Gate Creations said...

Looks like you'v been pretty busy to me, so an easy day is well deserved. Once again your helper is gorgeous.

Moose-ings said...

Love your assistant!